Fantasy Femme Formal

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Jazz up what might otherwise seem a stuffy formal occasion with symbolic and unusual accessories to create your own style- from refined elegance to carnival chic!

Accessorizing is key to having that extra “je ne sais quoi,” creating a truly unforgettable look.

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Stun in a timeless Victorian Mask! Not for the faint of heart, this statement piece ignites the seductress in us all. With the perfect opportunity to go all out, adding a mask to your evening attire pushes your look over the top, setting you apart from the crowd. Get creative with your look this year, the more extravagant the better! There are no rules here and the possibilities of your special night, are endless.


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Top of your look with some hard metal-jewlery that is! Play it up with a silver handcuff necklace-they actually come with keys! Looking for jewels that aren’t so bold? Try adding a more minimal chain style necklace to your evening attire for a more subtle look.

Haven’t found your dream dress? Dare to be bold and show off your curves in a corset! With countless ways to style or incorporate into your formal look, try one over a dress to glam it up or  use a full-length ver a floor length skirt to add a twist on the classic cinderella look.

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If you already found the dress of your dreams, you may be missing one important thing. Never underestimate the power of the perfect shoe! Compliment your dress perfectly with a classic fetish inspired heel or steampunk metallic plated platforms for a more menacing appeal.

Visit the store Noon-9PM Sunday-Tuesday or Noon-10PM Wednesday- Saturday or shop online!

Looking for a fun place to “test drive” a fetishistic formal look, get dolled up and head out to the Dress to Thrill Happy Hour on Wednesday May 7 from 5-7PM where you can get fashion feedback food and maybe even a $25 prize for best dressed!

Hell On High Heels!

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Feeling daringly devilish? Go to Hades!

The dangerously addictive Hades Footwear collection will keep you on your toes! Elegance, intricate design, and pain staking sex appeal create a combustible couture combination platter for your peds. Kinky gals looking to charge up their boudoir style will fall heels over head with these styles.

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Mixing intricate handcraft and captivating construction, fabulously fetishistic Hades has spread across the fashion world like wildfire since launching in 2010. Each shoe is specially crafted with its own story, irresistible motifs and design elements ranging from industrial steam punk plates and spiked rivets to sexy machinery spikes.  Available in sizes 6-11, you can buy these shoes now online or fit and wear them out of our store!

Get Sprung on Andrew Christian!

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It’s out with the old and in with the new this spring…for briefs, that is! We’re making room in our top drawer for Andrew Christian’s award winning, technologically advanced undergarments that provide the perfect fit. We understand the importance of quality and we’ve got your back(side) covered with Andrew Christian’s sexy line of underwear available in a range of styles from low-cut, super-low cut and boxer briefs. Innovation is the focus here in Andrew Christian’s designs with each style intricately constructed using special dye treatments and specialty materials such as bamboo fiber, sports mesh and moisture wicking cotton blends. Still not impressed? Andrew’s briefs also feature waist-slimming elastic and ‘Flash Lift’-butt-lifting technology. What’s not to love?

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For more on briefs and Andrew Christian, check out Passional Boutique or online at!

Harness Your Power!

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Whether you’re a Bear, boy, or biker type, harnesses are suitable for the functional fetish look you crave. For fellas looking to capture a more Roman look or classic bondage feel, WolfStryker’s high quality and hand-made customizable leather is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll love WolfStryker Harnesses for their bold, masculine style and perfect fit. It’s all about the details here with crafted heavy duty latigo leather and premium clipped corner buckles and eyelets. Embrace your passions with WolfStryker harnesses behind closed doors or styled as a layered look for everyday!

For more about harness types, check out our YouTube tutorial

InVESTment: Menswear Feature of the Week

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For some men, leather is a wardrobe staple simply because it works with everything year round. Whether you’re more of the ‘strictly leather jacket’ type or one who prefers to show off a little of your leather lust through your favorite leather pants or chaps, there are tons of ways to incorporate leather into your day-to-day style. Leather pro? Just starting out?  Hot skins are a staple here at PASSIONAL with a collection that includes leather pants, jackets, harnesses, armbands, and the perennial favorite, vests!

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For example, vests are a great addition to any newly created or growing collection of leather pieces because of their versatility, from classic leather bar vests to more formal button vests to the multi-pocket Explorer’s Vest! Classic when worn with your favorite jeans and built for durability, these pieces are ready for the bar, the bedroom, or the open road. Whether worn dressed up with a suit or casually over a t-shirt or even solo, vests are a great way to make an statement of who you are and what your intentions might be.

Want to slip into some luxurious leather now? Visit PASSIONAL in Philly any day of the week! Leather selections coming soon to our website!

In Case You Missed It! Who’s Bringing Philly the Leather Leadership Conference

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In case you missed last week’s Leather Leadership Conference fundraising  and recruitment reception at PASSIONAL, we’ve got the inside scoop on a few of the many leaders and personalities who are responsible for bringing Leather Leadership Conference into town this year. For the first time in  its 18 years, Philadelphia will be hosting this one of a kind community event April 11-13, 2014, created to sharpen your skills, broaden your horizons and build your Leather/Kink/BDSM network.  Incredible community leaders who have made their mark in local leather history incude as Cowboi Jen from (organizer of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night) , Dottie from Gate Munch and Nikki aka Miss New Jersey Leather 2014, attended our intimate gathering, and here’s the run down…

Cowboi Jen-Board Member of LLC
As an overall leadership conference, within the Greater Philadelphia community we are looking to benefit not only leaders, but anybody who is looking to learn like skills and life learning. Conference attendees will be able to create a unity of communities, and to have local and international networking opportunities. No one is more different then anyone else! The LLC has been held nationally in it’s 18 years, planning it’s next location in Atlanta, Georgia.” We can look forward to seeing her November 8th at Philly Leather Pride for all leather, fetish and kink.

Dottie-Founder of Gate Munch As one of the original founder of The Gate sixteen years ago, In 1998  I have seen Philadelphia’s BDSM scene evolve over the years. Our munch continues on 22nd and Cherry st and still there till this day, the Gate Munch supports and sponsors groups and events for all lifestyles and fetish communities. All are welcomed! We have Gate Munch meetings monthly and host three events per year. Dottie-”This is the LLC’s 18th year as well as Passionals, we are both coming of age! We are looking to educate! We want everyone to learn about other events that are happening. Learn whats safe and not safe, to inform and meet each other. This is the best way to meet each other, to meet people, build a community and spend time together.

Nikki-Miss Leather New Jersey 2014 Every year, each city’s leather summit gets a bid to house the conference and it’s a big deal in Philly because it creates a name for the east coast. The LLC are flying people in from all over the world to share their skills, be with the community and are people who helped bring kink into the mainstream.” The Leather Leadership conference allows everyone to share their stories. It is an honor from the community to be an ambassador of kink. My platform is ‘female empowerment’ and ‘no shame!’ Coming from an Irish/Catholic family, to be able to share my story that can relate to other people and get to contribute to this event, I get to be a part of history.

The Leather Leadership Conference will be held April 11-13, 2014 at William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia. For more information please visit and stay tuned!

Together in Leather reception for the Leather Leadership Conference

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You’re invited to Join
The Gate,
  Philadelphia oldest ongoing Munch and BDSM group in Philadelphia
along with
PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium, Oldest ongoing Leather& Fetish  Store in Philadelphia.

For an exclusive

Together in Leather
Wine and cheese social
Wednesday, February 26, 6-9PM


 PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium
317 South Street Philadelphia PA

 Celebrating 18 years supporting our community as we welcome to Philadelphia the 18th annual

The 18th Annual Leather Leadership Conference is coming to town in April. This Wednesday, we are throwing a welcome party where local folks can sign up to volunteer, apply for scholarships, buy raffle tickets or register for the event at a special price!

The 18th Annual Leather Leadership Conference is coming to town in April. This Wednesday, we are throwing a welcome party where local folks can sign up to volunteer, apply for scholarships, buy raffle tickets or register for the event at a special price!

Leather Leadership Conference 18

Interested in growing your Leather Community with conferences, fundraisers, education & events?
The Leather Leadership Conference is an awesome opportunity for groups and community leaders to share information and knowledge. Learn about the science of creating community from legal advice to dungeon logistics to event planning, educational programming and MORE.

Invest in a weekend to learn to grow your community successfully.

At this reception, you will be able to

BUY your Ticket for the LLC for $89

Sign up for volunteer positions for $50

Apply for a Scholarship-
forms will be available to complete and submit onsite.
This is the last chance to submit scholarship forms!

BUY raffle tickets to benefit the LLC
1st Prize = Opening night to Phantom of the Opera!)

Free Parking  Wednesday on South Street and surrounding streets after 5PM

So Join us and support your leather community

find out more information and opportunities for you and your group.

The Gate and PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium

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