Valentine Gift Kits – Sexy stress free combos for Him

Exotic Pirate Kit $49.99picture coming soon!

A leather eyepatch, head-wrap and jock strap can take you to the high seas this Valentine’s without leaving your house. And because you bought the kit together, you save $20.

Caged Man Kit $69.99
Lip Service made this fun faux-leather fashion line that looks great on big beefy men or slender goff guys. Gotta love the versatility, and when you buy the harness can gauntlets together, you save more than $20.00. Just $69.99

Big man, small man, every man is sexy when caged! One size fits a variety!

Bondage cub kit

Just a little bit of leather says a lot, nd this kit saves you $30 off the cost of the indivicual piece3

Sexy gray striped jock, a bear-imprinted bondage belt and a bear paw-imprinted armband make this the perfect outfit to bear-trap your boy in. And for just $89.99 you save over $50 for buying these pieces together

Make your own gift box-

Bundle up a batch of butch fashions and save 5% when you buy 5 items or more and 10% if you buy 10 items or more (cannot be combined with any other discounts, does not apply to clearance items).

As always, the staff of PASSIONAL Boutique are happy to help you package your gifts in standard sweater-sized gift boxes or our reusable satin bags- with bows!


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