PEX Summerfest fashion show photos

We found a gallery of sunny photos featuring PASSIONAL Models from PEX Summerfest, created by Red Lite Photography, who shot an entire gallery of incredible photography from the whole festival which took place over July 4th weekend this year.

Tamika shines in this matched set by Collective Chaos

Kati kills 'em in a risque new number by up and coming Philly latex designer, Vaunt Designs

Vedalia sports our limited edition latex Odai by Polymorphe

Aerial performer Liza sports a PASSIONAL corset designed by Mistress Antionette along with a pair of ruffled pettipants

Rachel gets wet in an awesome retro-style punch out dress by Collective Chaos. The matching choker went missing before the show.

Brad takes it off after he gets it on in a see-thru latex shirt by Polymorphe and rubber bondage pants by Vex.

One-man circus show David Smith stays cool our new PASSIONAL brand explorer vest and zip-off lambskin cargo shorts/pants


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