Earn a FREE ticket to Libertine Ball- Shop at PASSIONAL Boutique!

Libertine Ball, Philadelphia’s annual summer fetish masquerade ball is just days away, and tickets are only $40! The good  news is that we’ve still got tickets  available, but the GREAT NEWS is that if you invest in $400 worth of latex, lace and masks for the Ball you get a FREE TICKET which you can use to get in or to bring a friend to the Ball (if you have already purchased your ticket)!

You could also receive a $250 gift card if you win our Best Dressed or Best Mask prize at midnight, so it’s time to up the ante with your costumes! Any fetish clothing like leather, spandex, lingerie (including barely-there jocks and thongs), corsets, and whatever else your kinky mind can dream up will get you access to the Ball. So will tuxedos or full-length formal gowns. Anything you’ve picked up from PASSIONAL Boutique will get you through the door, but maybe you’re still stumped about what would look best? Well, let the costume experts here help you with some sexy suggestions!

Fantastic Femme Libertine Costumes

Libidinous Latex – It’s the middle of summer, and while latex seems HOT to some people, it can actually keep you cool! Imagine jumping out of the shower or pool but staying wet. Every time a breeze hits you, goosebumps ensue! Stop by PASSIONAL Boutique to lube up and try some on for yourself! Anything from our Women’s latex collection is perfect, but here are some looks we think you’ll love!

Exert your inner power with full body coverage that flaunts your curves while denying access to your skin. Latex catsuits hug every inch of your beautiful body and look fierce! We’ve got them in red and black0$189.00!

Sexy, cute, and barely there shows off all your assets and makes them accessible for adoration, exhibitionism or punishment. Peek-a-boo styles from Philadelphia’s newest latex designer Vaunt Designs will definitely make any who witness you break into a sweat!

Short, sassy and seductive, this style from Collective Chaos can go either way: daring Dominant or sweet submissive. Accessorize with a riding crop to stay on top, or with cuffs to make yourself ready to serve.

Elegance is always in style, whether you choose to wear graceful locking jewelry or if you would rather firmly hold the leash attached to your slave in your gloved hand. And this latex Odai, created in limited edition by Polymorphe, brings Asian-inspired class to your sexy latex look. Pair it with one of our butterfly masks or new hair bondage ponytail holders!

Lovely Lace – Lace and net are cool summer options for a fetish masquerade. Hide your identity with a mask while flaunting your flesh or simply enjoy the ventilation of these glamorous styles! Either way, lace is more than just “okay” for a midsummer night’s frolic.

Body Stockings can be combined with a thong or worn under shorts, body stockings are an affordable exhibitionist option. Worn with our sexy footwear (like thigh-high boots), you’ll be a showstopper!

Lace shrugs and leggings are ladylike with corsets and skirts or will keep it barely legal with pasties and thongs.

Short and flouncy or teasingly full-length, lace dresses and skirts are perfect for the Ball! This is one of our favorite lace skirts, a beautiful lace-overlaid mermaid number that looks just “to die for” with a corset. It brings to mind a Victorian vampire!

For just $59.99 these flirty lace dresses by Marvelous Mayhem provide the perfect wrapping in sizes S-3x

Marvelously Mischievous Masks – Completely disguise your identity with headgear that hides the everyday “you” from the world, or just add a hint of glamour with lace or net!

Traditional Venetian masks add ageless elegance to latex, lace, or nearly naked flesh. Several styles are available, all handmade (and individually signed) in Italy by highly skilled artisans.

Performer Latex Nemesis creates her own design line that is featured at both PASSIONAL Boutique and the Sexploratorium this month! Each is unique with different color trims and eye shapes. These headpieces embody the spirit of our fetish-filled latex masquerade and you’ll definitely stand out in these one-of-a-kind pieces!

Molded leather masks are comfortable, fetishistic and three dimensional. Best of all, they are less expensive than you think with price ranges from $40-$99.99. Available in not-so-basic black as you’d expect, but we also have beautiful red and purple styles!

Laser-cut metal butterfly- and cat-shaped metal masks are a lovely invocation of your animal instincts. They feature beautiful inlaid crystals and look like metal lace. They look great with bold eye makeup underneath!

Magnificently Masculine Libertine Costumes

Randy Rubber – Whether you are a hairy bear-y guy or a manscaped metrosexual, you are sure to enjoy the thrill of sliding into latex! It’s just a matter of polishing your skin with silicone lube first so the fashions glide on easily, then you stay deliciously wet as if you jumped out of a pool. Your pecs will surely be punctuated when a breeze hits you, but you will be sculpted in shiny, confining rubber that will give you superhero appeal, especially when paired with one of our masks! If you are a rubber virgin, stop by PASSIONAL Boutique and we will be happy to introduce you to the thrills of well-lubricated latex!

Want a classic conservative look? Or a Neo-Victorian style in rubber? We love Nasty Pig’s rubber items, especially the dapper Combo Vest with a rubber front and a beautiful striped satin back! It’s not latex, but it’s a great alternative. Lubed up with silicone, the front will look just like latex, but with a fabric backing to wick moisture away from your skin. Plus, Nasty Pig rubber can be machine washed and worn either shiny or matte!

Silk in the back and neoprene rubber in the front, this snap-closure vest features the best of all worlds. Note: No jeans at Libertine!

(Nasty Pig combo vest)

Polymorphe’s zip front shirts are super easy to put on and come in a large range of colors and patterns. One of our favorites is a gorgeous black with white splashes on it, like a sexed-up Jackson Pollack-inspired look, but this style also comes in stripes and solids (both opaque and translucent).

Rubber shorts and underwear make it easy to wear your costume under your clothes. Then, you can just check your clothes at the door and frolic around the ball in nearly nothing! One of our favorite “barely there” men’s latex styles is the Man Maid Jock from House of Bias, but it’s not for the faint of heart! We’ve also got your standard (or not-so-standard) briefs and thongs in latex if the maid’s apron isn’t really your look!

Tank tops and singlets show off your arm (and leg) muscles while enjoying the sensation of wet wonder all over your torso. You will look and feel delicious in these two styles, and will make you look like an old-school Muscleman, setting hearts a-flutter all over the Ball!

Lusty “Lace” for Lads – Looking for a breezy alternative to standard fetishwear? Thanks to designers like Lip Service and Gregg Homme, you can pull together a well-ventilated outfit in fishnet or mesh that isn’t as flowery and delicate as lace while still being lighter than leather or latex.

Gregg Homme’s “Fire” tee and tank combine shiny vinyl with a sexy cut-out texture for a very manly version of lace. Plenty of ventilation and a little sheen and you’ll be breaking hearts wide open all night long!

The last two suggestions cover too much skin for you? Why not interpret “lace” as “laced up” instead with this jock from Gregg Homme called “Teeser”. You’ll be flirting with nudity all night long with this criss-crossed style!

Majestic Masks – With a $250 prize for best mask you won’t want to miss out on this year’s theme, but you definitely want a mask to complement your rugged and manly look! With lots of different materials available, you’re sure to find one you love!

You could go as an intimidating executioner or a heroic vigilante in one of our molded leather masks, available in three different colors! But by far, our favorite leather mask is a beautiful Green Man mask, currently discounted to move out the door and onto the dance floor!

Seize the night with Brute Force! We’ve got a wide range of gas masks, some from local designers Brute Force Leather. We even have matching monocles and goggles with interchangeable lenses for a steampunk look to suit your mood.

Have a bit of a military fetish? We’ve got a really brutal looking latex gas mask currently in stock. Cover your entire face and bring an element of futuristic danger to your evening, plus have a watertight mask to wear into the hot tub!

As always, PASSIONAL has a full selection of gender-bending attire. From breast forms and gaffs to packers and compression vests, we’ve got the tools for your transformation! We pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of sizes, from XS to 8XL. And, as always, we’ve got corsets and cinchers as well as kilts to dress you up or help you strip down for the ball.

We are still taking internet orders for items that are in stock, but you should pick them up at the store for Libertine as it is too late to guarantee shipments. Your best bet is to come into our store, where our highly trained staff is waiting to make you look amazing in our fashions, seven days a week!

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