The Dark Works of David E. Christman

PASSIONAL Boutique is proud to present the deeply dark, creepy and disturbing imagery, in the form of photographs, by the mad artist himself, David E. Christman…



More about David Christman:

D.E. Christman has been creating his darkened images for as long as he can remember.  Monsters, goblins, spirits and other things that go “bump” in the night have always filled his imagination.  His brand of art has been described as macabre and unnerving, with at times a twisted touch of humor.  He is a self-taught artist and takes great pride in that fact.  Throughout D.E. Christman’s lifetime he has pursued a long list of artistic mediums and styles, and strives to learn all he could from each and every one of them.  Eventually he came across the various tools to create digital art, giving him the ability to expand his creativity further. Today he works exclusively in the Digital Media melding various methods and techniques to create striking and haunting images.

His work has appeared in many galleries as well as in numerous books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and websites. Some of these have included media projects for the band Information Society, illustrations for the comedic anthology Installing Linux on a Dead Badger (and Other Oddities) by Lucy A. Snyder, and various projects for the dark music label Dancing Ferret Discs.  He is a full time artist, graphic and website designer, and nightclub DJ (under the guise of Dave Ghoul). Today he lives in Philadelphia, PA with his lovely wife Stephanie, their dog Pepper and the monkey on his back named Coffee. You can see more of D.E. Christman’s work on his website

His show will be hanging in the Men’s Room at the Boutique through the end of November but…JOIN US FOR A GHOULISHLY MACABRE AND FANTASTICAL OPENING RECEPTION @ PASSIONAL Boutique on 4th Friday of October (October 22nd) from 7-9pm hosted by the ridiculous and fantastical Eric ZONK.


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