Featured Fashion of the Week, Part II – Pervy Pirates!

PASSIONAL is excited to sponsor Philly Pirate Cruise on Saturday October 23rd, and we can outfit you for the party with clothes fit for Blackbeard himself! With our help, you could have an edge in their costume contest! Cinchers and skirts for the wenches out there to show off their treasures! Plenty of pirate shirts (and even a beautiful new pirate coat) for gentlemen of the high seas to make the wenches say “Arrrrrr!” Need help with your outfit? Come on down and let yer matey’s on the PASSIONAL staff get you ready to shiver some timbers!

Fer ye mutinous mateys…

The Versailles coat is a MUST HAVE for any indecent, self-worshipping Pirate!


We have this gauzy, flowy pirate shirt in stock in the same color as Captain Hook's soul -- BLACK!

Fer ye wicked wenches…


Corsets and cinchers with tops underneath are perfect for the lethal ladies of the High Seas!


Every Pirate Queen needs to wear a proper pair of boots when looting and plundering!





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