How to gift a corset

Thinking of indulging the femme fatale of your family with a gift that will wrap her in luxury? Genuine steel-boned corsetry is a great holiday gift that combines tailored luxury with functional fantasy!

Size matters. Probably the most stressful element of giving is concern over disappointing the recipient by purchasing the wrong style, color or size gift. Take a deep breath, hold it for a second and blow the stress right out of your lungs. All we need at PASSIONAL Boutique to make an educated guess what size body-sculpting corset will fit  your human holiday package is her dress or pant size. A photo of your supermodel dressed up to the nines will help us gauge her style, but getting her cinched in a size that will work a certain amount of holiday magic is mostly dependent upon her waist size, which we can figure out if you can sneak peek at her dress or pant label from the clothes hamper while you are using the bathroom.

Go for quality. The more customized and local the product you choose, the more control over quality and sizing we have.

Our favorite holiday pick: The Chatterly retails for $449.99 in 3-layer or for $349 in the 2-layer version. Either can be customized, usually for an additional $100

Our all time favorite locally-produced corset is the Chatterley corset. We love this longline design so much that we will estimate the size and sell you one, gift package it for you and include a gift receipt for a free exchange if necessary. Plus we will include a guarantee card redeemable for a half price custom- sizing upgrade (only $50 instead of the normal $100 fee) deliverable by Valentines Day–  if the fit of our ready-to-wear garments is not perfect.

Dress her fantasy. Transform her body into a wasp-waisted wonder(ous) woman. Corsets create the fantasy hourglass. Any ready-to-wear corset you buy from PASSIONAL can be made (usually for no additional charge) in a variety of fabrics and colors (not to mention size ranges from XS-8XL).   With the PASSIONAL December Sale in full effect thru 12/24 , you can afford to buy her more than one style for more than one look or mood- one naughty, one nice?

All holiday corset purchases come with:

Complimentary gift packaging and bows (while supplies last)

A free pair of hosiery (max value = $14.99)

A gift receipt for easy, convenient exchanges within 14 days.

Chatterley corsets come with a half-price custom corset upgrade coupon for difficult-to-size persons (custom exchange/ orders placed by January 1 can be ready for pick-up by Valentine’s providing that mock-up fitting occurs within 1 week).

Enjoy the experience. Corset bring joy to those who wear them and those who witness them. Don’t worry about navigation or instruction, we have that covered. Check out our online navigation blog if you need assistance dressing, undressing, relacing or cleaning the corsets in your home.

All PASSIONAL purchases made in December earn you rewards to spend in January.


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