Featured Fashion: Corsets for a SPARKLING New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is the perfect evening to step out on the town, dressed to the nines, and ready to ring in a new year full of promise and passion! No matter what your plans for this New Year’s may be, whether you’re headed to the clubs in the Gayborhood or to Winter Solstice, or you’re throwing a fabulous party from the comfort of your own home, you’re going to need something stunning to wear! And we’ve got you covered (or uncovered) in beautiful formalwear with just a touch of kinky goodness!

Just in at the Boutique are these beautiful sparkling corsets that are glittery like the ball in Times Square but give you that (holiday-appropriate) hourglass shape! They are solid steel-boned, made by hand, and dazzling to behold! Every single sequin or bead is hand-sewn onto these corsets, which are laced with beautiful black satin ribbons. Currently in stock, we have the beautiful red and black beaded style below in very limited numbers!


We also have plenty more in stock that sparkles and shimmers, from shiny vinyl to glittery latex. We’ve even got a beautiful laser-cut metal masquerade mask covered in Swarovski crystals!


Have a happy and safe New Year’s!

– the staff of PASSIONAL Boutique

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