Congratulations! Regional Rubber & Leather Titles

PASSIONAL Boutique would like to congratulate the winners from Miss Rubber World 2011 and Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011!

Miss Rubber World 2011 – Archean


Miss Rubber World 2011

Miss Rubber World 2011 - Archean! (Photo by John Tsidilis, used courtesy of

From Archean’s blog:

In all seriousness though, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of Ego Assassin, Droidsy, Lotuslily, Mr. Magic and our videographer (you know who you are).  You guys were a pleasure to work with, and we’re going to do some amazing things together over the next year.

And of course, my amazing boyfriend, business partner, sanity-inducer, pepto-getter and all around greatest person I know – Matt.  To say that I couldn’t have done this without you is an understatement.  I wouldn’t know latex without you.  Thanks for showing me what following your dreams leads to.


First Runner Up -Philadelphia’s own Jade Vixen

Second Rummer Up – Lydia Lael

Mr. MAL 2011 – Doug “Mr. D” Pamplin

Mr. MAL Doug Pamplin (photo by Ward Morrison)

From Metro Weekly (D.C.’s Gay and Lesbian Magazine):

Some might say that 2011 was the year Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather took the easy way out.

Doug Pamplin, competing at the Mr. MAL contest as ”Mr. D,” brought down the house when he worked the Staples ”Easy” button into an off-the-cuff answer during the contest’s question-and-answer segment. Asked how he would fulfill the wishes of a contest judge with an office-supply fetish, Pamplin concocted a fantasy involving a blindfold made of Post-it notes, paper-clip nipple clamps, a rubber-band cockring and a marker.

”And if it gets a little too hard,” Pamplin concluded, ”you can reach for that fucking Easy button.” The audience of roughly 750 people, packed into a ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, erupted in sustained cheering.

Through a winning combination of poise and humor, the 42-year-old native of Pittsburgh clinched the title of Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011, beating out a strong field of seven contestants. Among other duties, Pamplin will represent the nation’s second-largest leather event at the world’s largest, International Mr. Leather, held annually in Chicago.

Later, Pamplin teased, with tears in his eyes, ”There’s no crying in leather!” The newly sashed Mr. MAL was overcome with sentiment as a long line of well-wishers waited to hug him and pose for pictures.

During an interview after the contest, Pamplin noted that leathermen and leatherwomen are far more compassionate than people give them credit for. The leather community, for example, was an early champion of issues including AIDS and breast cancer. For his part, Pamplin, who’s been part of the leather community for six years, will focus his Mr. MAL platform on the issue of hunger.

Congratulations to the winners from PASSIONAL Boutique’s management, staff, and loyal customers!


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