25 ways to love your valentine (even if your Valentine is you)!


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Reduce your waist by 4″-6″ (on average) and get that oh-so-desired hourglass figure with corsets and cinchers!

Shiny, juicy, sexy latex for men and women. Enough said!

Look like a prima fetish ballerina in these sexy ballet heels!

Be the cat’s meow in these catsuits – available in vinyl, velvet, latex, and MORE!

Lacy Lingerie is the perfect touch to make you feel sexy, even when you’re wearing your everyday jeans…or business suit! Mmmm…!

High-heeled pumps are that quintessential femme shoe, and we can’t get enough of ’em. High heels with dresses, with lingerie, with nothing at all…

Easy, breezy, beaut— …wait, that’s not right. Well, anyways, kilts are sexy and more men should discover just how awesome they really are!

That delicious musky scent. That buttery and delicious texture. Leather…there’s nothing like it!

Nasty Pig has some of the hottest men’s Neoprene styles out there, from jocks and chaps to tops and gear! So hot, it makes us SQUEAL!

Gregg Homme men’s underwear is unique and sexy, just like you! The Chopper Brief is one of our favorite styles!

Hosiery is one of the most important finishing touches for your sexy outfit! From vintage keyhole to edgy fishnet, your gams will look gorgeous!

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? It doesn’t matter if he’s a cop or a firefighter, really, because that uniform will be off and on the floor in short order!

A petticoat will turn any average girl into a fairy princess for a night!

Titanium locking bracelets give new (and beautiful) meaning to “the old ball and chain”!

Help your leather or latex “be all it can be” with product care that conditions, cares, and shines your beautiful fetish attire!

See their reaction when you show up with a new set of eyes with our Theatrical FX contact lenses!

Bare some skin and give your lover easy access with a sexy leather jock!

Have fun re-imagining history with Steampunk fashions! Anachronists, Aviatrices, and other Steamy someones, we’ve got something for you!

These boots were made for walking. Or, y’know…worshipping!

Beautiful greeting cards by the lovely Lady Laura, the perfect vessel for a Valentine’s Day love poem to your sweetie! Though not for sale on our website, they are available in-store!

Want to engage in some miltaristic mayhem? We’ve got lots of military inspired pieces, but a trooper cap is a military fetish fashion staple!

Catch some lustful glances by wearing fishnet – gloves, stockings, shirts, armwarmers, and MORE!

Want VIP treatment? Set up an appointment for a private shopping excursion to the Boutique, complete with one-on-one personal service from our staff!

Don’t skirt the issue – you need something sexy to wear with that new corset! On second though, skirts might be the best plan after all!

You’ll definitely want to play it close to the vest, whether that vest is leather, latex, Neoprene, or cloth.

Learn 25 other ways to redeem your rewards at our sister store, The Sexploratorium where high-quality toys bring your sexy outfits and fantasies to life!


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