HOT new Rihanna video: S&M

We love every opportunity to watch celebrities get their fetish on with fantastic fashions and accessories that obliterate the fashion blahs, Rihanna does this again and again. Many of her videos have featured ballet boots and other fantasy wear… but this collection of yummy ensembles is on the money. And, for an added bonus Perez Hilton in a pilot’s uniform on all fours!

Notable fashion moments: Rihanna’s Victorian style dress with inflammatory headlines and “news excerpts”  under plastic, the “littles” ensemble, rubber 50s sun dress, and full white leather boots/corset/bullwhip ensemble rock the frames!

2 Responses to “HOT new Rihanna video: S&M”

  1. chris bacos Says:

    I have seen this on VH1. I love the bright colors.
    This vid covers a large segment of the scene like mummification,
    smoking, canine training, gagging and role play.
    Rhianna, keep up the good work.

  2. […] we had posted Rihanna’s S&M recently, now that we’ve announced our Positively Sexy Music Video Contest, […]

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