Celebrity Style: Latex Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards

Lady Gaga made her grand entrance to the Grammy Awards carried in a giant egg by an entourage of attendants in clear latex outfits, some of which were designed by the Baroness of New York (feel free to comment about the creators other designs of other designs, especially Gaga’s dress and hat!). The Baroness proudly laid claim to the gown worn by Lauriann Gibson, as well the latex shorts worn by the men carrying Gaga’s giant egg as her creations, with more Baroness latex to be featured in Lady Gaga’s upcoming Born this Way video.

We love to see rubber (and corsets, leather, fishnet, lace, etc) featured  front and forward at fancy events, and will try our darndest to keep finding more famous folks strutting their stuff in fabulous fantasywear for our tyle- hungry readers and fans! More on these developments as we glean glimpses into the fetish-inspired designs of your favorite famous people.  If you see pics and footage of celebrities dolled up in decadent apparel, email or paste a url into  the comments below


One Response to “Celebrity Style: Latex Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards”

  1. chris bacos Says:

    I love it. Note the Madonna influence. It’s like Lady Gaga
    brought fetish club culture to the music biz.

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