There aren’t a lot stores out there that sell specialized fashions and other attire for trans folks, even in a city as diverse as Philadelphia. Well, fortunately, we’re not like a lot of other stores. PASSIONAL is proud to support the trans community of Philadelphia, by sponsoring events, putting on classes (like co-sponsorship of this weekend’s sold-out class in our sister store: The  Buck Angel Effect), and carrying the products you need!

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For the Transmasculine

For those with a female body who’d like to appear more masculine, the biggest obstacles may be the breasts. There are a lot of binding methods, some more comfortable and effective than others. One of the easiest and most comfortable (as well as the safest) methods are compression vests.

Originally designed for male-bodied folks with gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue) and other conditions, these vests and tanks are breathable, non-chafing, and easy to wear without having to adjust all day long. Formerly available exclusively through doctors and made of durable nylon and 30% Lycra® spandex, these vests offer adjustable compression from their hook-and-eye closure or over-the-head ease in a tank top style. Flatten your chest, support your back, and slim your mid-section instantly with a garment that easily tucks into pants and is virtually undetectable under clothing!

And best of all? We have a NEW trade-in program for compression vests, and we don’t know any other store that offers this incentive! Only at PASSIONAL, trade in your gently used compression vest for a $20 gift card, and buy a (new to you) used vest for just $20!

See more tools for the transmasculine available from the Sexploratorium!

For the Transfeminine

Since adding curves requires quite a bit more than taking them away, we have a large range of products for our transfeminine customers. From breastforms to gaffs to padded pieces that accentuate hips, we can easily give someone a lovely feminine figure!

Breast Forms – Available in many sizes, shapes, colors, and materials! We even carry sexy bras with specially-designed pockets to hold the forms more comfortably than slipping them inside a regular bra!

Gaffs – These helpful garments smooth the front of the pelvis so that it’s possible to wear tighter skirts or pants without showing anything you don’t want to! Available in multiple colors, they hide easily underneath panties or hosiery.

Padded Panties – Enhance your feminine appearance with these shapely form-fitting panties. Made of stretch nylon, they have four pocketed areas to add shaping to the body. Our custom foam hip and rear pads are placed strategically on the back to add a rounded buttock area and on the hips to add curves. Pads are removable for washing or changing the look under different garments.


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