PASSIONAL “Dressed to Thrill Music Video” Award

We’ve got the fever for giving awards! And with fantasy-wear catching on with famous people who romp out and about in the mainstream spotlight, we are seeking nominations (see below) of music videos that feature the highest of fetishistic fantasy style.

Any genre of music or song qualifies -as long as it features singers, band members or dancers strutting their stuff in avant garde fetishistic fashions.

We will feature nominees here on the blog each week, where you can comment and vote for your favorites.

By the end of the year, we will choose (with your help) the Dressed To Thrill Music Video that takes the prize over all the rest.

Since this is the first year that we have attempted such a contest, we need your help! If you know of a music video that rocks the fantasy gear, enter it below and we will have all of our readers view it and vote for/comment on!

We expect to get lots of nominations for Lady Gaga videos, but have seen latex and leather costuming on videos by a wide range of artists from Michael Jackson to Britney Spears to Beyonce to Madonna. So send in your nominations for specific songs (from any year, any genre) and we will post one each week.

Who knows, if we get a wide enough response we may do this annually with future videos by future artists!

Need inspiration? Here goes one of our staff favorites…

‘Justify My Love’ by Madonna


2 Responses to “PASSIONAL “Dressed to Thrill Music Video” Award”

  1. An overload sex oozes through this video which was controversial and banned back in the day.
    The genderbending aspects of the fashion in this video contrasted against traditional garters/stockings and the fact that much of it is shot in black and white are what I love about this classic piece.
    I wish there were longer sequences of my fave fashions are the full-color shinywear, corsets and the crazy leather harness with the gender-bending suspendered woman in the officer cap… That harness looks familiar: Who designed that piece?

  2. […] the lines of a similarly-themed contest we are running at our sister store, Sexploratorium is gathering nominations for sex-positive music videos by your favorite celebs or […]

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