Tie One On!

PASSIONAL Boutique is proud to announce that we now carry some of the most unique and stylish men’s accessories on the market: ties from CyberOptix Tie Labs!


Cyberoptix Tie Lab founder Bethany Shorb has applied her experience as a sculptor, couture, costume and graphic designer to transform a much maligned business necessity into a subversive object of desire with her witty hand printed neckwear. Cyberoptix ties and scarves are represented by more than 200 stores in a dozen countries: from Fred Segal in Los Angeles to Libertine in Western Australia.

A paradox for the times, Cyberoptix Tie Lab operates one of the largest eco-friendly, solvent-free print shops in the country right in Detroit while providing a seditious, punky fashion statement for executives bound to the neck noose, and a sharply styled alternative for those who don’t need to wear a tie, but chose to do so. Our ties are hand-silkscreened onto 100% charmeuse silk or microfiber; the microfiber is a rich, soft fabric resembling silk. Charmeuse silk is a much more expensive and elegant soft silk, smooth with a slight sheen to it. We only use high quality waterbased inks which require no harmful solvents, this is better for both the health of our shop and for the health of our planet. Waterbased inks have a much softer hand on fine fabrics and will never crack over time as plastisol inks do.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We currently have in stock the styles pictured in our slideshow, but many other styles and colors are available! Our current favorite? “Bombs Away!” Who wouldn’t love this cute, unique tie featuring a plane dropping “SEXBOMBS”, as we like to think of them!

“Bethany Shorb is breathing some long overdue freshness into neckties with her CYBEROPTIX TIE LAB. …At around $40, these handmade beauties blow department store ties out of the water.” -JoshSpear

“These ties are the perfect way to say, “I’m hip, AND I have I job.”BEN POPKEN , Consumerist

“…A fine line of beautifully darkly illustrated hand screen printed 100% charmeuse silk or poly-blend based ties.” – NOTCOT

“Who needs to wear boring old ties when you can refashion them? The ties have all been silkscreened, cut apart, riveted, and stitched to distinctly new heights.” –MakeMagazine


Whether you need a nice tie for work or for an event, CyberOptix ties help you keep your individual flair and edgy style. With styles featuring everything from gas masks to recording gear to machine parts, there’s a necktie or bow tie for everyone! Some of the styles are even perfect for Steampunk (check out the “Sommelier” tie in our slideshow!) or fetish events specifically! Need more proof that these are cool? The designer, Bethany Shorb, also designed the costumes for Skinny Puppy‘s 2004 World Tour!! If that’s not “cool cred”, we don’t know what is!


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