Carpe Prom Noctem

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means…PROM! But maybe you’re not like everyone else. You stand out from the crowd. You have your own unique style. Why should prom be any different? You don’t have to wear the traditional tux or the same old dress that everyone else wears. You can bring your own creative flair to prom this year, and really make it a night to remember!

Maybe you saw last week’s entry highlighting some of the Steampunk-inspired looks we’ve got for prom, but that sort of gear-heavy anachronism wasn’t really your speed? Maybe you’ve got a darker outlook on life, and want your prom attire to reflect that? If your style is more Edgar Allen Poe than Jules Verne…or you’d rather be a courtly vampire than an airship pirate…we can probably help!

Gothic Glamour for the Girls


Dark and Dashing Gentlemen


Put a real BITE into Prom 2011!

Click for more information on custom fangmaking by Wraith!

Click for more information on custom fangmaking by Wraith!


Don’t forget – we are always able to schedule an appointment for custom-made fangs! If you really want to turn your prom into something that would really put those sparkly Cullen-vampire-wanna-be’s to shame, go to the event decked out in fangs made just for you!


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