“Maid” for Springtime!

We all know how good it can feel to get a fresh start in Spring, whether it’s by doing some spring cleaning or by trying new things to get that bounce back in your step. We know a great way to do both at the same time, if you’re game…

Let’s play a little game, one that you may have heard of – the French Maid roleplay! But let’s put a little twist on it. This time, the Maid really does have some work to do! Whether you gents (or those who love them) have been craving an opportunity to get in touch with your sissy side, or you ladies want to surprise your partner by giving them a spotless house in the sexiest, raciest way possible, we can help!

Of course, you have to start with the outfit. We’ve got a couple of different choices, whether you like smooth satin or shiny PVC.

Then, you have to have the heels. Because the game just isn’t as fun if they’re in dowdy house slippers! Try some locking heels to increase the drama! We have several other styles available as well, some in sizes up to 14 (women’s)!!

And last, but certainly not least…every frilly maid’s outfit can’t possibly be complete without ruffled panties. These lacy lovelies have a good amount of stretch to them, so they’ll fit and be comfortable whether you’re dressing up your man your sissy slut or getting more girly than usual. Multiple styles and colors available, as well! Click here or here!

And don’t forget the sexcessories! Check out the fun toys we’ve got in stock that will make this little game even more fantastic! You’ll never forget how your spring (and hopefully, your love life) was sprung this year…


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