WANTED: Your Photos!

Each month PASSIONAL recruits local and international models, photographers, exhibitionists and amateurs to submit their fave photos of themselves (or their models/friends) in PASSIONAL gear for an opportunity to be voted the “Photo of the Month” and win a $100 PASSIONAL gift card.

So far, we’ve gotten just one photo for this month’s contest. We’re halfway through the month, and we’d love to see the competition heat up even more!


Model: Claire Waters, Photographer: Robert Neroni


Last month’s winner, Heather Darden, used her $100 gift card to pick up some hot new shoes during our Spring Cleaning Sale! What would YOU buy with a $100 PASSIONAL gift card?

Entering your photo is super duper simple!

  • The photo must feature at least one fashion item from PASSIONAL.
  • You must be either the model or the photographer submitting the photo (and in that case, you have the permission of the model or photographer with whom you collaborated to use the photo
  • The subject’s nipples and genitals must be covered or otherwise not visible.
  • You must give us the right to use/publish your photo. If you are under 18 (we understand… ) you must have your parent/ guardian’s permission for us to publish the photo!

Whether you are an aspiring model, photographer or amateur exhibitionist with a camera phone, we want you to send your photos to kali@passionalboutique.com

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