ART @ PASSIONAL is proud to present (soon to be graduating) photography student AMBER KIRYLAK, and her uber-intense and highly saturated polychromatic VISIONS IN LATEX!

Here’s what Amber has to say about her work:

I have a liquid latex fetish. I was first introduced by a friend who typically used it as a clothing alternative in his gothic/industrial style of fashion in the clubs and on stage.  The application turned me off at first; however when I experienced the capabilities of the material when dry it was nothing I have ever experienced.

When first opening the jar of liquid latex the only scent you smell is of rubber balloons. Applying the latex is a messy task of avoiding the fluid material from dripping on the floor.  The body begins to react upon the first application;  a cold water like liquid painted onto the skin and slowly dripping down the body.  Several applications are needed to be able to start the experience of wearing and peeling the material off the body.  Patience and time is what leads to the experience. Once the latex is dry you feel naked yet you are covered. It is like having an extra layer of skin that comes in a small jar. Before you were cold and now you feel warm. You are wearing a one of a kind clothing alternative that is created by the painter. The liquid latex is now a part of the body, adhering to the skin. I prefer to place my models in a private, clean and isolated space.  Allowing my models to be placed in a public space or in a space where clothing is required defeats the purpose of the process of the fetish.

Some of us keep our fetishes in our private lives and others love to publicly display their lifestyle and methods of pleasure. In my opinion, fetishes and sex are an intimacy between two or more mediums.  Placing my models in a space allows them to have the freedom to express their fetish and their reactions to the material.  There is no criticism or judgment at the time of photographing and filming the experience.  As the viewer you are viewing the still moments of the process of tearing away the latex or tearing away the flesh and revealing what lies beneath the surface.

Be sure to join us for the opening reception at PASSIONAL BOUTIQUE (704 South 5th Street) on 4th Friday of April (4/22/11) from 7pm – 9pm, hosted by Eric ZONK!  All attendees wearing latex or liquid latex will receive a 10% discount on works of art purchased during the reception (20% for PASSIONAL Boutique affiliates) !


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