More April Photo Contestants!

We have received a collection of new entries for April!
Check them out, and cast your vote by commenting below!

Model Star Winters submitted this photo!

Yuri rocked head-to-toe PASSIONAL at Libertine Ball last year!

Julios rockin the drama with accessories galore!

Megs rocking a corselette and petticoat!

Model: Claire Waters, Photographer: Robert Neroni

Adam submitted this anachronistic display featuring our steampunk gear!

49 Responses to “More April Photo Contestants!”

  1. I like the photo of Claire, it’s got my vote.

  2. I love Claire’s image. I may be partial, to fishnets and corsets though.

  3. My vote is for Adam!

  4. Guess I should vote!

  5. Yay for Adam and Ness – LOOOOOVE the Steampunk!

  6. i vote julios

  7. Vote for Meghan!

  8. Vote for Meghan!

  9. Vote for Meghan!

  10. vote for meghan

  11. james harrison Says:

    I am giving my vote for Megan!

  12. Stephanie Says:

    Vote for Meghan!

  13. Hellstrom Says:


  14. Meg looks stunning! Beautiful girl done up pretty!

  15. Add my vote for meg – gorgeous pic

  16. Vote for Meghan!

  17. Vote for Meghan

  18. Vote for Meg. πŸ™‚ pretty ❀ Dizzi

  19. Woodfind Says:

    I like the picture of Claire Waters the best.

  20. I like the pic of Claire Waters the best – love her waist, the skirt and the pose! Yummy πŸ˜€

  21. Tony Bassi Says:

    All are nice. However, any photo with Claire Waters makes me what to come back for more! She’s hot and so are the corsets!

  22. I like Claire Waters best.

  23. moosicman45 Says:

    I like the photograph with Claire Waters the best. Love the corset

  24. MEG!

  25. vote for meghan

  26. vote for meghan!

  27. I vote for Claire Waters – the hourglass shape and the way she’s posed against the wall does it for me!

  28. I love the picture of Claire Waters best – I could just eat her up! πŸ™‚

  29. I vote for Claire Water

  30. chaosfive55 Says:

    I vote for Claire!

  31. I’m voting for Claire!

  32. Vote for Meghan!


  33. Claire Waters. Beautiful shot, beautiful look.

  34. My vote is for Claire Waters!

  35. Claire.

  36. i vote for Claire

  37. darkmoineau Says:

    Vote for Claire Waters πŸ™‚

  38. Vote for Claire!

  39. Jessika Ryan Says:

    I vote for Claire Waters! She’s the most beautiful woman in the contest!

  40. Claire Waters for great victoly!

  41. i say Claire Waters is the winner i vote for her pic

  42. Claire Waters, easily!

  43. My vote’s for Claire πŸ™‚

  44. I just love the picture of Claire Waters – that waist – yummy!!! She gets my vote πŸ™‚

  45. Claire Waters is my favorite!

  46. Vote for Claire!

  47. Vote for Meghan!!!!!!

  48. I vote for Meghan!

  49. Anthony C Says:

    My vote’s for Claire – hot!

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