SlutWalk: Stop rape, reclaim fashion!

Whether or not you identify with the term "slut" the message is simple: fashion doesn't cause sexual assault!

Comments made by a Toronto police officer during a panel discussion at a Canadian college indicating that women should avoid “dressing like sluts” to prevent rape on college campuses immediately spawned a viral protest effort to bring attention to the idea that rape is perpetrated by rapists not by fashion.

SlutWalks  started in Canada just weeks ago and have spread stateside and even to our PASSIONAL home here in Philadelphia, where one such march of fishnet clad “sluts” is tentatively scheduled for June 18th at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (although rumor just in that it may need to be rescheduled— our hope is that it would be rerouted through the city where women deal with more frequent harassment).

PASSIONAL supports the reclaiming of the word “slut.”  Not just for women but for all genders. Folks should be able to wear what they want, and even the sexiest of women’s attire usually covers more than the average topless guy baring his chest without imminent fear of assault on any summer day. We hope you will check out the Facebook page for the Philadelphia SlutWalk and support this consciousness-raising effort.

One Response to “SlutWalk: Stop rape, reclaim fashion!”

  1. I just read a blog about this from someone in the UK. My comment was, “if it ever comes to my area, I’ll be there!” . . . Well, I’ll be there! Thank you for sharing this!

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