Fashion & Power Personified

THE SISTERS OF ABRAXAS by Christopher Sonzogni

This series of work was inspired by Christopher’s fascination with ABRAXAS, a mystic word, representeing perfect balance in the universe, that can only exist beyong the false dichotomies of good/evil, right/wrong and pleasure/pain.

The Master & Slave theme of Sonzogni’s work is meant to express the joys of dominance and submission and how neither once can exist without the other.  And when combined produces “natural order”.  Aesthetically, the images seen in this exhibit have a rather authoritarian sense to them.  Featuring foot worship, restraint, discipline and even fascist symbolism.

This show will hang at PASSIONAL Boutique, located at 704 South 5th Street, from June 1 – July 31st.  JOIN US for an opening reception on 4th Friday of June (June 24th) from 7pm-9pm, hosted by the Infamous Mister ZONK!  With sips and dips!  See ya there naughty boys and girl!  Or you will get lashes!


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