HOT Halloweening!

Everyone is asking the proverbial “where’s the party?” question, so to provide answers to FAQ’s of this Halloween season, we’ve prepared a guide to our favorite parties in the region for fetish and leatherfolk and CosPlay connoisseurs. There are many places (and roles) to play during fantasy season, so here are sexy suggestions specific to different kinds of folks.

FRIDAY NIGHT The Weekend Romance Begins!
Bottom’s Up New Wave Happy Hour Leathermen and their friends can pre-lubricate for a weekend of extravagant dress-up at Robert Drake’s New Wave Happy Hour at The Bike Stop, where the potions flow freely and cheaply in preparation for a weekend of gayborhood bar crawls and fabulous costume parties!

Sham-boo is a full frontal Halloween celebration by the folks that sponsor Shampoo Nightclub ‘s weekly Friday party. A gay but very welcoming  assortment of drag and exotic entertainers (if you have a girlfriend who’s getting married on Halloween, this would be a great bachelorette destination with all the dancing hunks and fabulous divas)! Maria V’s lower level dancefloor of Latin and reggae is just one amazing destination in this gi-normous kaleidoscope of sophisticated, urban, queer fun.

SATURDAY NIGHT- The Weekend Climax

PEX Halloween Ball– The Philadelphia Experiment presents the annual king of a new generation of Halloween parties! Always memorable for visual and aural stimulation, amazing art and incredible costumes, this year’s PROJECT BATTLESHIP indoor/outdoor super-party ups the ante by taking over the Battleship New Jersey with burners, artists, party addicts, and other free-spirited folks. Enjoy the casual anarchy of other PEX events with more sounds, lights and interactive art installations than ever in a docked naval vessel – an allusion to the naval “Philadelphia Experiment” This party may sell out (but there may be tickets at the door if so) and the fun doesn’t end until 4am, so this makes a great final destination for an evening of party-hopping.

Black Saturday Masquerade– Goffs and dark music fans flock every Saturday to the Black party at Ulana’s (2nd and Bainbridge St). The music is dark, but the crowd is friendly to fetishists, freaks and phenomena of all types. This Saturday’s costume party might just be the most colorful shade of Black in the history of this club night.

NYC- SMack Halloween Fetish Ball– Xris Smack is hosting his annual Manhattan fetish extravaganza with a little help from Johanna Angel and her hellishly heavenly hosts (or is it heavenly hellish?). Strict dress code, playspace and all the magical trappings one would expect from a New York fetish ball!

Angela’s Laptop Lounge: Angela Gardner is at it again with the costumed chapter of her biweekly dance party especially for male cross-dressers and their friends. Halloween is a great time play with gender, so if you or a friend have been shy all year long, slip into your high heels and sashay over to the Blue Pacific at the King Of Prussia Mall (private rear entrance is available for shy gurls) to dance, mingle and look fabulous with some celebrities of the trans- gendered world. One of the really fun things about this party is that you can walk around in the Mall after it closes with other “girls” making for awesome photo opportunities! Costume prizes include PASSIONAL gift cards and tickets to the December Diaboliuqe Ball.

Stimulus Misheif & Mayhem Women who haven’t experienced the insanely diverse and fun musical entertainment and social opportunities of Philadelhia’s  Stimulus paries, will not want to miss Stimulus’ Misheif & Mayhem- where costumed guests and entertainers get their dance on all night to an insanely diverse array of dancefloor rhytms- truly the sexiest women’s party in Philadelphia does Halloween with flava!
SuperHeroes vs. SuperVillains- The Keystone boys of Leather present this fun celebration of “good” vs. “evil” with fun men in costume. Although it is a men’s leather event, leatherwomen and other BDSM folks are welcome to socialize and to bu some of the tastiest charity shots ever!

SUNDAY NIGHT: Misheif Ensues at Shampoo!

Looking for an urban Halloween party where costumes are just part of the production? Killer beats, contests with prizes and dancing all night long may inspire you to stay at Freak all night long and call out from work Monday, morning

The Freaks come out at night… Especially on Micheif Night!

MONDAY NIGHT: Halloween!

Three of Philadelphia’s most famous Halloween events are staying true to the traditional date of this holiday, and because of time overlays, and close geographical proximity it will be easy to attend both parties (if you have any energy left)

The Henri David Halloween: The Ball – Halloween-bsessed jeweler Henri David throws a theatrical cotume fete that attracts Pthe Philadelphia area’s most theatrical and dramatic assortment of costumes- tickets are $25 in costume (with multiple prize categories) or $75 not in costume. Get the pic?

Vamps and Tramps at Lucy’s Hat Shop- the Notorious Psydde Delish gathers burlesque talent, occultists and free-flowing and cheap liquor for a raunchy orgasmic costume bash! Get dressed or undressed for a night that will have you hangover

Dracula’s Ball is a costumed concert event featuring the Goth-industrial scene’es biggest bands. This year the headliner is The Last Dance and there is an expected sell-out crowd from throughout the mid-Atlantic.

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