PASSIONAL Persona: November Contestants


One lucky contestant will win this month’s $100 PASSIONAL gift card! Cast your votes below by entering your opinion in the “comments” section!

Man-power! Boyd entered this photo of him in his red Tripp Kilt!
Eyes up here! Lacey Girl shows off the her curves in this vinyl cincher!
Less is more- Kaitlyn teases in PASSIONAL lingerie!
Lilly entered her patent corset and rubber skirt combo shot by Mike Lynch
Samantha rocks a customized (mini-fied) PASSIONAL kilt! Check her out at a convention near you with The Kink Shop!

For complete PASSIONAL Persona photo contest rules, click here.

80 Responses to “PASSIONAL Persona: November Contestants”

  1. I vote for Lacey Girl. The photo quality isn’t professional, but it’s sexy and alluring – and I bet she’d put a gift certificate to good use. 🙂

  2. I vote Lily! Great outfit!

  3. I vote for Lilly!

  4. Lilly for the win!

  5. kaitlyn rocks on Master Steve’s bike!!!!!

  6. lacey girl

  7. sweetpea23 Says:

    I vote for lacey girl!!

  8. Lacy Girl get my vote, Athenos

  9. My vote is Laceygirl!

  10. @ LaceyGirl – Hot Damn

  11. i vote for kaitlyn on the bike

  12. I vote for Lacey!

  13. Lilly. Loving the combo!

  14. I love Lacey Girl in her vinyl cincher!

  15. I pick lacey girl

  16. Hairputtana Says:

    Lacey’s Curves are HOT!

  17. Linda Knutsen Says:

    My vote is for Lacey girl. Love the vinyl cincher!

  18. my vote goes to laceygirl

  19. kaitlyn on the bike

  20. fiestyprincess Says:

    My vote goes to Lacey Girl for sure!!!

  21. lacey pic absolutly gorgeous leave alot to the imagination without hiding to much love it!!!!

  22. Love Laceygirls look. Sexy!!!

  23. Love Lacey’s corset!! So sexy!!! 🙂

  24. Lacey’s corset is amazing!!!

  25. i vote for Lacey!

  26. Kerin Fournelle Says:

    ok, while i do like Samnatha’s outfit and would love to wear something similar, Its Laceygirl’s corset that has my vote. The way the ruffles of her top frame the curves of her breasts created by the cincher is just awesome!

  27. I vote for Lilly

  28. Sorry Boyd…..but Lacey takes my vote!

  29. can i vote for two people? if so i vote for laceygirl and Boyd.

  30. Danielle Del Colle Says:

    Good pictures. I vote Kaitlyn.


  31. lacey looking like a hottie like aways …I say you win hands down

  32. michelle jones Says:

    love the .outfits kaitlyn rocks

  33. michelle jones Says:

    i vote for kaitlyn

  34. rebecca brown Says:

    WooooHooooo Kaitlyn wins by far!!!! 🙂 she has my vote

  35. Mark Reynolds Says:

    Vote for Kaitlynn manning!

  36. Kaitlyn for sure!! Sexy girl, hot bike!!

  37. Kaitlyn!!

  38. Kaitlyn is looking hot, but then again so is the BIKE

  39. Kaitlyn is my daughter so I need to vote for her

  40. John Bleacher Says:

    Hand’s down Lacey has it. She combines sexy, sassy and a touch of mystery. SO nice.

  41. Kaitlyn has MY vote

  42. Lacey.

    You are rockin that corset….oh my….I need a cold shower.


  44. Lacey Girl

  45. Lacey and her “girls”, or curves as you called them, win with me every time!

  46. A young lingerie wearing beauty, on an beautiful, ground rumbling, get the F@#k outta my way HOG……. Kaitlyn takes the cake!

  47. Kaitlyn looks AMAZING 🙂

  48. voting for kaitlyn kerrigan


  50. My vote is for the BEAUTIFUL Lacey Girl!!!



  51. dave wagman Says:

    Love the cincher Lacy Girl gets my vote

  52. My vote is laceygirl

  53. Lacey girl is sooooo hot in this!!

  54. Michelle Stem Says:


  55. JD/HunyBear Says:

    Vote for Kaitlyn

  56. marie green Says:

    i vote for lacey girl! loving those curves…nom,nom!

  57. Mike O'Reirdan Says:

    The girl on the bike

  58. Kaitlin is stunning!!! (;

  59. Kaitlyn. Bad bike, bad chick. Two very essential things in a mans life

  60. Biker chick Kaitlyn, definitely.

  61. Looked at all of these for a while then saw the babe on the bike had a chain on, sexy&kinky (;

  62. Lacygirl!

  63. Kaitlyn


  65. Have to vote for Kaitlyn. I love the pose and she seems to have her heart in it. It all seems to blend together.

  66. Love the picture Lacey!! Very sexy! Definitely gets my vote!

  67. missaurora Says:

    Lacy Girl all the way!!

  68. MandZorina Says:

    All the pictures are great. But there is something about the way awaist cincher accents a woman’s hour glass and presents her breasts.

    Our favorite is Lacey girl. So sexy and inviting!

  69. John Callahan Says:

    Lacy girl is do very smoking hot!!!

  70. Lisa Brennan Says:

    Lacey girl is the hottest and sexiest by far. She’s got my vote. Nice cincher too 😉 Mistress Oriette

  71. Laceygirl looks amazing…very impressive, she has my vote

  72. I’m casting my vote for laceygirl…. very hot

  73. Kaitlynn is really my favorite. She looks so good on the motorcycle.

  74. Indeed Lacey Girl is the sensuous one – yet, all the participants are worth of Kudos

  75. Adverspossession Says:

    I vote for Lacey Girl. Love that cincher, maybe we can dress as twins one day.

  76. lacey girl

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