Elvan Embellishment

We recently got in some pretty awesome black leather Elvan hoodies, and I immediately fell in love with them! I had to have one, and was able to finally procure one for myself as an early holiday gift. I thought it was the coolest thing…

We’ve still got more of these cool tops in stock, and I think they’re great for girlie metalheads, Ren Faire-goers and other cosplayers, active urbanites, and anyone with a dark and funky style. The top is buttery soft, comfortable, and warm. We’ve got it in stock with red topstitching, but it’s also available in black-on-black. I wore it under my coat with the hood up walking in the cold to work on Christmas Eve (where I’m gettin’ my “bad ass Christmas elf” look on!) and my ears and cheeks were toasty warm! Also, I was worried that it would be too small (they come in S/M and M/L), as I’m a C-D cup and a size 14 and most leather gear seems to run a bit on the small side. I got the M/L, and it actually fits pretty well, plus the leather will stretch a little as it gets broken in.

Come down and check out this hoodie, but do it soon before we sell out!

(Written by PASSIONAL staffer Brooklyn)

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