Dawnamatrix: Artisan of Latex Fashion

Latex design super-shero Dawna Matrix

Dawnamatrix (a/k/a Dawn Mostow) is an independent latex designer and model, whose designs have become legendary in just a short time amongst the east coast fetish community. She held the title of Ms. Rubber World 2010 and continues to further the cause of latex and the latex competition circuit! PASSIONAL is featuring a collection of her designs for 2012, which you can order now, or as soon as you feel properly inspired by her unique philosophy of latex fashion and design.

How did you first discover latex? What types of latex clothing did you first wear? The original “Dawnamatrix” concept started in the late 90’s, when I attended Alter Ego parties in South Florida and developed a sort of fetish superhero persona. I was majoring in Computer Animation at the time, and wanted to merge the animation aesthetic with fashion design. This led to designing anime cosplay and costumes for trade shows, such as San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo around 2002-3.

What first inspired you to design latex fashion? After living in Japan for three years, I felt my vision for original clothing design had reached maturity. I wanted to establish latex clothing company based on the principles of high art. I moved to NYC after Japan, attained a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute and refined my clothing design skills working on theatrical costume design for opera. I am currently based in Boston, pursuing a post-graduate degree in visual arts theory. I take pride in Dawnamatrix garments being displayed on the runway as well as in museums and galleries.

How did your favorite clothes influence your designs when you began designing? Regarding design influence, I admire Ego Assassin for their pattern-making, color usage, as well as screen-printing technique. Their treatment of latex is beautiful and distinctive. Latex Nemesis, designer of gorgeous latex hoods, is a good friend and taught me so much about perfecting my craft. Concerning non-latex designers, I’m a fan of Tokyo based Takuya Angel, who uses kimono fabric and has an architectural philosophy when it comes to pattern-making to create a unique look that is distinctly JapaneseWhat is your favorite latex look for yourself? (I love wearing) a cocktail dress, kimono or long flowing gown. For men? Men look excellent in uniform, or in a latex trousers and tee ensemble. For other women? Long or short cocktail dresses would have to be are my favorite. I design them with full-length zippers for ease of wear, and I love seeing women’s reactions as the latex smoothes, shapes, and accentuates their bodies.

How are your latex designs different aesthetically from others? Historical and cultural themes are a major influence on my design style. I come from a long line of tailors and I also studied the art of wearing and designing kimono while I lived in Japan. The intricate applique is a distinctive element of Dawnamatrix Designs. These are incorporated into the design of the pieces, not stuck on as an afterthought. Sometimes my applique are a meter long and wrap around the entire piece. I also like to drape the latex as if it were fabric. I love using yards and yards of latex to get a particular look. My collections are designed with an overarching concept in mind that relates back to the narrative these outfits will express in photographs or on the stage. Of course I can create basics, but the movement among latex designers recently is towards haute couture. I like to take this a step further to envision the environment that these garments will occupy.

How is your latex construction different from others? I’m certainly influenced by the availability of different textures, translucencies, gauges, and colors of latex, which is why I think it is such an incredibly versatile material. While developing my craft, I tested latex in various thicknesses and from a range of manufacturers to develop the highest quality garment
You were Ms Rubber World 2010. What was that like?  How did that impact your design business?  I ran for Miss Rubber World three years in a row. Each year I ranked up: Second Runner Up, then First Runner Up and finally won the title of Miss Rubber World 2010.

Dawnamatrix (top) held the Ms Rubber World title for 2010. This year, she will be judging the 2012 contest on March 24. Click photo to learn more about the Miss Rubber World pageant and the NY Rubber Ball. Tickets available at PASSIONAL.

It was a long latex-clad journey and I amassed quite the number of prizes along the way. I’m in the unique position to raise awareness of latex fashion outside of the fetish community in the academic world and in the high art market. The release of the Dawnamatrix design brand came 3 months before winning the title, so it was a grand thing to happen for publicity! I have listed the official duties of Miss Rubber World below:

  1.  Help promote the event as much as time and resources allo
  2. Encourage possible contestants to sign up and answer questions about
    the competition.
  3. Be an advocate for all the designers in the rubber scene, whether they
    are sponsors or not, alerting them of knock-offs of their designs.
  4. Promote awareness of rubber fashion and fetishism worldwide.
  5. Promote proper care and maintenance of rubber gear.
  6. Encourage rubber designers and retailers to better service their
    community and report bad business practices.

My advice for aspiring Miss Rubber World contestants is to express their love of latex through the content of their performance, as well as wearing spectacular latex garments. Will you be involved in 2012 Ms. Rubber World?  I will be a judge in the 2012 Miss Rubber World event. I am looking forward to seeing this year’s contestants!

Dawnamatrix team fundraising in latex!


What is your proudest recent achievement? I am so proud of the charity work Dawnamatrix has been involved with this year. Through fashion show fundraisers and garment sales, we recently helped raise over $15,000 for the Boston Globe Santa Fund and over $5,000 for Japan’s Red Cross Tsunami Recovery. Dawnamatrix kimonos have been exhibited at the Boston Children’s Museum and the Massachusetts State House of Representatives.

What design have you created thus far that you are most proud of?

Dawnamatrix nuptials wardrobed by the bride herself!

The latex wedding dress that I wore at my own wedding is semi-transparent metallic white, with an 8 foot train that can be bustled into a ball gown, all-over plum blossom applique, and studded with Swarovski Crystals! My husband was resplendent in his formal latex tuxedo (right).

The staff of PASSIONAL are in love with the new designs of Dawnamatrix now offered in the store and online. We hope you take a moment to come by the shop to try  on some of these magical designs for yourself, or visit the PASSIONAL booth at the Providence Fetish Fair Fleamarket this February 10-12!

We have also listed Dawnamatrix’s new pieces in our online catalog, so that you can shop for these items from the convenience of your home.

Unfortunatley we do not have pictures of each of the pieces we have in stock, so please paruse the style guide below, where we specify what sizes/colors are ready to wear (any size/color can be made to order).



PASSIONAL’s Dawnamatrix Style Guide:

The Dawna-Matrix Sumi Dress is now available at PASSIONAL- Black/ red as shown (sizes S and M) in stock; other sizes/colors made to order. Click photo to order yours!

The China Dress ($349.99) features high cut slit on one side, with classic curv-hugging design and a mandarin collar. Click photo to order your very own!

Solid-color kimono sleeves start at $199.99, however the cherry blossom sleves we currently have in stock (red/bk, bk/rd) are $249.99. Click the photo (cherry blossom sleeves not shown) to place your order for plain sleeves, or call 215-829-4986 to discuss details.

The cleavage-enhancing plunge of the Sumi Halter ($99.99), is accented by decorative appliques. This top and matching Sumi Briefs are in stock as shown in photo or in red with black applique ($79.99). Matching Kimono sleeves are also in stock. Click photo to order yours!


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