Leading Ladies!!!

Valentine’s Day often revolves around the female of the species!

Inspire your leading ladies to pull out all of the stops for Valentine’s this year and perform your favorite fantasy!

Andrea, our diva the sales floor tonight for pulled a few looks together for the Divas, to save you time, and hassle… She and the rest of the staff in the boutique are here to make things smooth, sexy and simple for you!

Do not worry gift packaging or style- our staff will help you figure it out and will give you a gift receipt if an exchange is necessary. If you can peek through her drawers and determine her dress/pant size and bra size, we can choose corsets, rubber dresses and any other type of fashion for sale in the store that is likely to fit your femme fantastique! A photo of your Valentine helps to (so we can see body type, etc) but even with just a dress size, we can choose items that will look good on the Eve of V-Day!

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Amor A La Espagnola  –  Nothing says Domination like this Toreadora ensemble (Toreador Jacket, Peasant Top in Black Eyelet, Cincher and Frilly/Laced Petticoat)…  Ladies, grab your bull by the horns in high aristocratic fashion.  You are the King or Queen of the Ring don’t let your Bull get the best of you!

Bang Bang, She Shot Him Down  –  Sexy, sinister and slick in this all black combination of  Corset and short-sleeve Satin Bolero with a shiny crystal pistol pendant to get the message across…  Don’t take NO for an answer!

Diva In Burgundy – Lace Capelet and Corset in Burgundy Dupioni Silk just screams DIVA!!!  And with a touch of Hematite, you ARE the Head DIVA In Charge this Valentine’s Day!  Be the Diva you were meant to be!

Deliciously Diabolical Roses –  Red Satin/Embroidered Cincher paired with Black Lace Chemise sends an unmistakeable  hint…you wanna be wined, you wanna be dined, you wanna walk on rose petals to your bedroom suite and be made LOVE to…  To seal the deal, a simple Dichroic Glass Pendant with the eternal symbol of Love, a heart…unleash your most passionate desires this Valentine’s Day.

Pink Polka-Dot Princess  –  Need we really say more?  Ha!  Plus size Divas have more to give and she’ll be sitting pretty, ready to gleefully pounce on her prince in this Polka-Dotted Bustier and Pink Petticoat combo finished with an Amethyst Victorian Choker!  The more you give the more you get!

Pretty Prissy Poison  –  Snatched within an inch of your life, in this fierce textured red patent and lace overlay waist cincher with Satin Lace detail over a zipper front, you’ll be poised and  sitting pretty with the addition of our Poison Cameo while you sip a love potion only the Goddess Aphrodite could conjure up for your Valentine’s libation!

Red and Black and Bejeweled  –  Showered in crystals this deep plunging corset could possibly upstage the wearer.  So long as she wears it, she will be the envy of all eyes upon her!

Silver Delight Under The Moonlight  –  This silver satin and black velvet Bustier is just…sexy with  the front lace peekaboo detail to the front of the knickers will just pick up the pace in which things get moving in your bedroom this Valentine’s eve…

Get Sexy and Stay Sexy!  With all of us at PASSIONAL Boutique!


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