Valentine’s Day for Men!!!

At PASSIONAL Boutique, half of our store is dedicated to mens fashions.

Yet so many times guys come to our store shopping and splurging on sexy, kinky, naughty outfits and the such for their ladyfriends (girlfriends, wives, lovers, mistresses, Dommes, etc)…and completely forget the fact that MEN  PLAY DRESS UP!!!

Who wouldn’t love to come home to their man dressed to the nines, or naught, in something sexy, minimal, or just something adventurous and different.  A sense of humor and adventure in a relationship on the part of both parties goes a long way…

So, here are several ideas to get you ready to hold up your end of the Valentine’s Day Deal!

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The Preppy Kilt Boy (w/ Attitude)  –  Pinstriped Short Sleeve Shirt…so a guy can get his hands dirty, without rolling up his sleeves, Navy Blue Kilt, for easy access, for many situations that may present themselves on Valentine’s Day Eve, and a sharp Pistol Tie to send a clear message, YOU MEAN BUSINESS!

Military Mischief  –  Long Sleeve Military  Shirt combines with the Covert Ops Black Denim Jeans with all the bells and whistles and a fantastically practical Shoulder Harness, for you to keep all of secret artillery close at hand…  Don’t let them get away guys, they’re bound to have a few tricks of their own up her sleeves!

Gangsta Man–  Dressed to the nines, in Pinstriped Shirt, Slacks, Jacket and Tie…you and you lover can play out good ol’ fashioned 1920s Prohibition fantasies (Flapper Girl meets Mobster/Gangster at Speakeasy and are in for a night of boozing, and maybe brawling, saloon-style!)

Naughty Boy Ready For Action  –  Be ready and waiting for your lady or laddie to arrive home, from a long day at the office, in this Fishnet Long Sleeve Top (w/ just enough hardware to make you bad ass) and this revealing  Zip-Down Brief (w/ just enough hardware to make you tease, taunt and play a good game of peekaboo with the jewels), will help your Someone Special to forget the day’s droll passing and lead you both into a Valentine’s frenzy!

Romantic Renaissance Renegade  –  Don’t be afraid to mix things up, not only in the bedroom, but in your wardrobe too.  This ensemble of Ivory Satin Romantic Period Shirt with Ruffles, Red Vinyl Skinny Jeans and Holster will give your partner goosebumps with anticipation and thoughts of a hero coming to their rescue…  Just make sure you got your rescue and exit strategy planned out!  You’ll be sizzling hot to trot in this Modern Romantic’s matched combination!

Guys, this is your mission this Valentine’s Day, should you choose to accept it!  Don’t forget, it’s not just about the vision you see!  You gotta be your own romantic vision.

PASSIONAL staff are happy to help you add some  well-dressed adventure, whimsy and naughtiness to your Valentine’s 2012 Experience!

Eric ZONK signing off!


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