Feminist Fashion: The Basics

I consistently have conflicted feelings about how to interpret fashion – the politics, the economic disqualification, the affective displacement. However, one thing that allows me to effectively understand the complexities surrounding fashion consumer marketing while simultaneously deconstructing and living my life well is through feminism. Feminism gives me a lens, a philosophy to live my “lyfe” by.  I find myself struggling to develop my own style when I’m left feeling erratic and insecure about how people are reading my own genderqueer body and fashion style.

My concern is thus: In what ways can I strategically move through the world and employ a more radical fashion style without feeling like I’m somehow compromising my own political feminist and leftist ideals? In this particular time and place – a contestably postfeminist era, the assumption is  that feminist work is done and that it’s passe. That said, how am I as a self-identified genderqueer radical feminist supposed to select fashion styles that empower me, allow me to safely move through different spaces without feeling threatened, while still fucking with dualistic gender lines, having fun, and gaining pleasure from it in a third-wave feminist way?

What makes these styles radical or transgressive? Radical styles disrupt conservative or normative conceptions of gender performance. They showcase a queer subcultural distinction, display an alternative sexuality or bodily presentation, and/ or utilize fetishized materials such as leather, latex, or vinyl. These styles sexualize bodies with buyers selecting their styles with their own agency, which can empower and help people be well in their lives.

Once someone has developed a particular subversive, fetish, or kinky taste in style, where then does one find these particular radical styles?  At Passional Boutique, we make sure to supply customers with various alternative, fetish, kink, queer and gender subversive products from independent designers such as Baby Love and Polymorphe latex, Northbound Leather, Delicious Corsetry, among others! We cater patrons of all bodies, with selections that range from extra small to size five extra large. If you have ever been curious about what your body would look like cinched down four inches in a corset, a trans body in a binder or with foam or silicone breast forms, or lubed up and slipped into a latex product, please stop by and see what alternative fashion styles you find particularly uplifting, encouraging, and empowering!

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