In Case You Missed It! Who’s Bringing Philly the Leather Leadership Conference

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In case you missed last week’s Leather Leadership Conference fundraising  and recruitment reception at PASSIONAL, we’ve got the inside scoop on a few of the many leaders and personalities who are responsible for bringing Leather Leadership Conference into town this year. For the first time in  its 18 years, Philadelphia will be hosting this one of a kind community event April 11-13, 2014, created to sharpen your skills, broaden your horizons and build your Leather/Kink/BDSM network.  Incredible community leaders who have made their mark in local leather history incude as Cowboi Jen from (organizer of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night) , Dottie from Gate Munch and Nikki aka Miss New Jersey Leather 2014, attended our intimate gathering, and here’s the run down…

Cowboi Jen-Board Member of LLC
As an overall leadership conference, within the Greater Philadelphia community we are looking to benefit not only leaders, but anybody who is looking to learn like skills and life learning. Conference attendees will be able to create a unity of communities, and to have local and international networking opportunities. No one is more different then anyone else! The LLC has been held nationally in it’s 18 years, planning it’s next location in Atlanta, Georgia.” We can look forward to seeing her November 8th at Philly Leather Pride for all leather, fetish and kink.

Dottie-Founder of Gate Munch As one of the original founder of The Gate sixteen years ago, In 1998  I have seen Philadelphia’s BDSM scene evolve over the years. Our munch continues on 22nd and Cherry st and still there till this day, the Gate Munch supports and sponsors groups and events for all lifestyles and fetish communities. All are welcomed! We have Gate Munch meetings monthly and host three events per year. Dottie-“This is the LLC’s 18th year as well as Passionals, we are both coming of age! We are looking to educate! We want everyone to learn about other events that are happening. Learn whats safe and not safe, to inform and meet each other. This is the best way to meet each other, to meet people, build a community and spend time together.

Nikki-Miss Leather New Jersey 2014 Every year, each city’s leather summit gets a bid to house the conference and it’s a big deal in Philly because it creates a name for the east coast. The LLC are flying people in from all over the world to share their skills, be with the community and are people who helped bring kink into the mainstream.” The Leather Leadership conference allows everyone to share their stories. It is an honor from the community to be an ambassador of kink. My platform is ‘female empowerment’ and ‘no shame!’ Coming from an Irish/Catholic family, to be able to share my story that can relate to other people and get to contribute to this event, I get to be a part of history.

The Leather Leadership Conference will be held April 11-13, 2014 at William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia. For more information please visit and stay tuned!

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