InVESTment: Menswear Feature of the Week

For some men, leather is a wardrobe staple simply because it works with everything year round. Whether you’re more of the ‘strictly leather jacket’ type or one who prefers to show off a little of your leather lust through your favorite leather pants or chaps, there are tons of ways to incorporate leather into your day-to-day style. Leather pro? Just starting out?  Hot skins are a staple here at PASSIONAL with a collection that includes leather pants, jackets, harnesses, armbands, and the perennial favorite, vests!

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For example, vests are a great addition to any newly created or growing collection of leather pieces because of their versatility, from classic leather bar vests to more formal button vests to the multi-pocket Explorer’s Vest! Classic when worn with your favorite jeans and built for durability, these pieces are ready for the bar, the bedroom, or the open road. Whether worn dressed up with a suit or casually over a t-shirt or even solo, vests are a great way to make an statement of who you are and what your intentions might be.

Want to slip into some luxurious leather now? Visit PASSIONAL in Philly any day of the week! Leather selections coming soon to our website!


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