Fantasy Femme Formal

Jazz up what might otherwise seem a stuffy formal occasion with symbolic and unusual accessories to create your own style- from refined elegance to carnival chic!

Accessorizing is key to having that extra “je ne sais quoi,” creating a truly unforgettable look.

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Stun in a timeless Victorian Mask! Not for the faint of heart, this statement piece ignites the seductress in us all. With the perfect opportunity to go all out, adding a mask to your evening attire pushes your look over the top, setting you apart from the crowd. Get creative with your look this year, the more extravagant the better! There are no rules here and the possibilities of your special night, are endless.


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Top of your look with some hard metal-jewlery that is! Play it up with a silver handcuff necklace-they actually come with keys! Looking for jewels that aren’t so bold? Try adding a more minimal chain style necklace to your evening attire for a more subtle look.

Haven’t found your dream dress? Dare to be bold and show off your curves in a corset! With countless ways to style or incorporate into your formal look, try one over a dress to glam it up or  use a full-length ver a floor length skirt to add a twist on the classic cinderella look.

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If you already found the dress of your dreams, you may be missing one important thing. Never underestimate the power of the perfect shoe! Compliment your dress perfectly with a classic fetish inspired heel or steampunk metallic plated platforms for a more menacing appeal.

Visit the store Noon-9PM Sunday-Tuesday or Noon-10PM Wednesday- Saturday or shop online!

Looking for a fun place to “test drive” a fetishistic formal look, get dolled up and head out to the Dress to Thrill Happy Hour on Wednesday May 7 from 5-7PM where you can get fashion feedback food and maybe even a $25 prize for best dressed!


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