For Your Pleasure: Introduction to Latex

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While on one’s journey of fashion fantasy, you may find yourself asking –Why wear latex?

As a must have for fetish lovers, latex offers much more than an aesthetically powerful and sensual look! As you shimmy your way into that seemingly impossible pencil fit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that while visually impactful, latex provides a tight-fitting, sultry second-skin that arouses your senses, imagination and darkest fantasies. Soft and smooth to the touch, you can’t help but surrender to its playfully restrictive feel that beckons to an incredible erotic experience.

The sleek, smooth texture and feel of latex invites onlooker appreciation… you’ll never know where the adventure will lead! Whether wet with lube, or kept natural for play, latex rubber is flattering and functional and can be elegantly transformed from day to night. So have no fear! Explore new sensations while showing off your dangerous curves! We promise, you won’t regret it.

Interested in exploring? We have a seductive supply of latex wear at our Passional Boutique or visit us online at

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