Suddenly Fem: Especially for Transwomen and Crossdressers

PASSIONAL Boutique and Suddenly Fem have joined forces to offer a wider array of fashions specifically designed for transgender and crossdressing customers!

For transfeminine and crossdressing people, shopping in secret can be awkward and scary. Covert store browsing and anonymous online purchasing are not the only options- especially now that our supportive retail location is offering a newly expanded quality selection of clothing and items expressly designed for their bodies and lifestyles.

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Suddenly Fem is the one and only fashion line with a complete selection of feminine dresses, suits, pants, lingerie and specialty undergarments designed and manufactured for the traditionally “male-assigned” body type, and is now showing a myriad of styles from their fashion collection at PASSIONAL Boutique’s store at 317 South St in Philadelphia.

“We have primarily been an Internet fulfillment company, but reps receive at least 4 requests a day from customers inquiring if we have a retail location,” states SF Vice President Tyler DeSouza. “I first met the staff at PASSIONAL at the  Philadelphia Trans Health Conference in June 2014, as we both had booths. I was impressed by their organization, and after visiting the store I could not think of a more appropriate retail placement for our innovative fashion designs.”  At the show, a collaboration was born.

PASSIONAL Boutique has been serving the alternative fashion and fetish lifestyle community for over 20 years and has a built-in following of transgender and CD customers. Complimenting the great selection of specially designed Suddenly Fem styles is the exceptionally helpful and understanding staff at PASSIONAL– voted “Best Adults-Only Fun” store by Philadelphia Magazine in 2012.

Philadelphia has become a haven for trans persons in recent years, with the city recently increasing benefits and protections for transgender persons. With multiple health care and wellness services in the area available to Trans* individuals, prompting Philadelphia Magazine to publish an article in August 2013 entitled, “Is Philly the New Transgender Capital of the World?” Now there is a fully stocked PASSIONAL department created specifically for gender variant people to browse and try on clothing and accessories.

The new PASSIONAL department features a full assortment of Suddenly Fem bestsellers across their line. The collection includes dresses, teddies, gaff panties, skirts and even pants. The staff of PASSIONAL is experienced with handling the fashion needs of the transfeminine and CD/TV communities, and is prepared to provide additional styling assistance after collaborative training meetings with Suddenly Fem staff.

PASSIONAL is excited to bring in this line that is known and loved by our customers! Having featured a limited selection of products for the transgender community since the start of our business, this partnership will allow PASSIONAL customers access to a wider variety of merchandise and educational resources!

Note: PASSIONAL store hours are noon-9PM Sunday-Tuesday and Noon-10PM Wednesday through Saturday.

Private fittings before store hours are available with a modest deposit toward your order. Indicate your desired date/ time when purchasing, and allow at least 72 hours notic.

Styling: If you are inspired to try cross-dressing for the very first time, our staff can assist you with matching wigs, shoes and foundations to fully feminize a masculine figure and assist you with invoking your inner feminine mystique (or costumed character). Unfortunately, we do not have a makeup artist on staff.


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  1. You should get a makeup artist on your staff.

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