#NylonStockingDay SALE May 15!

We just learned about this ingeniously sexy pre-summer holiday last week, and and it turns out that national #NylonStockingDay happens to coincide with the arrival of a great new collection of sheer summer legwear at PASSIONAL!

To celebrate we are offering a one day in-store SALE on all packaged stockings and stay-up style thigh-highs, pantyhose and  tights, body stockings  and even socks in fabrics like fishnet, nylon, spandex, wetlook cire,  micronet  lace and any other in-stock hosiery fabric. For one day only, buy one piece of packaged hosiery and get a second of equal or lesser value for half off!  This one day opportunity will allow you to save BIG and stock up for warm summer months when  sheer fabrics that accent the  skin can take front stage in public views all over our great city (and country and world for that matter).


In researching the history of this national day of honor, it appears that we here in the so-called “New World” continue to declare our independence from Europe, who seems to have been celebrating #NationalStockingday or #NationalStockingsDay each October- at least (as far as a cursory search on Google and Twitter can confirm) since 2011.

Here in the US of A, the same basic research indicates a newer holiday, apparently starting in 2014 with its very own hashtag #NylonStockingDay to celebrate  a pantheon of legwear that is worn with garters, garterbelts or built all-in-one tights.

Even if this year were the first annual #NylonStocking Day, PASSIONAL is all about celebrating the legwear that enhances our fetishistic fashion aesthetics!  Plus it all goes so well with corsets, cinchers and fantasy and wetlook fashions!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus, when one considers the history of hosiery, which according to Wikipedia began in ancient Egypt or Rome it is indeed high time to celebrate our evolution to the knitted magic of more modern materials!

As with all fashions and body adornment throughout human history, each innovation breeds new generations of die-hard fans and fetishists. The insulated functionality of socks and stockings prior to and including the nineteenth century were made of woven cloth such as cotton, linen, wool or silk for warmth.  More revealing , less opaque legwear gained popularity along with rising hemlines in the twentieth century when femmes of all persuasions began to adorn their exposed legs with sheer silk or rayon. Eventually, more affordable revolutionary nylon varieties were purchased daily by millions.

In the mid-20th century pantyhose were introduced an alternative to traditional style stockings that required garter bands or belts for wear. But stockings retained prominence in sales of feminine foundationwear until 1970 when pantyhose finally superseded the sales of stockings. According to National Day Calendar, pantyhose have remained the most popularly purchased women’s hosiery items ever since, save for a brief moment in 1987 when stay-up thigh-high stockings  were introduced to the market.

Although the industrial history of legwear is fascinating in and of itself, fetishistic fashionistas throughout the ages have  the allure of stockings as inspiration for illustrations, art, photography and fantasy.


For all of these reasons and more (please comment here!) we are proud to celebrate this important hosiery holiday on May 15, 2016  with a one day in-store  SALE on all packaged stockings and stay-up style thigh-highs, pantyhose and  tights, body stockings  and even socks

We plan to make this celebration an annual habit, and we invite you to comment with links to your favorite stocking art, stocking selfies, photographs and renderings!

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