Sensitive to Latex Fashions? Try this @Fetishcon!

Are you sensitive to latex? If you are one of the sad rubberists who have become (or are becoming) sensitive, this weekend offers a  great opportunity for you to reconcile your passion with your physiology to see if you can find a balance!

Does it sadden you when you are to wear some of your favorite fetish wardrobe items? There is a new glimmer of hope for those of us who have been recently unable to feed our fetish for shiny rubber fashions!

Next weekend at FetishCon in St. Petersburg, FL, PASSIONAL will be bringing a selection of new reduced-allergen pieces from designer and evil genius Mario Bouchard that are made with a brand new de-proteinized latex material (PASSIONAL will also sell classic partially-chlorinated items from his Polymorphe fashion collection as well).

It turns out that the proteins in natural latex rubber are usually to blame for causing human allergic reaction, especially in people who are repeatedly exposed to latex rubber bands, gloves, and even fetish fashions! Because of widespread sensitivity to latex in the medical field,  industrial engineers have developed a less-reactive latex material with the proteins removed, which ultimately may help prevent overexposure! Mario developed this material into custom manufactured latex sheeting and cans make all of his designs with this new fabric by request!

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Does this mean that severely allergic people will be able to wear and play in this fabric? Maybe.

Because there are no guarantees in life, especially when dealing with biology, we have sample wrist bands in varying colors that are available in this new material. Stop by the PASSIONAL booth at Fetishcon to try these on first and then wear one for an hour or so if to see if you can tolerate the deproteinized material. If you can, we are happy to special order any style you would like to fit your body (we have a limited selection of dresses and men’s shirts with us available for fitting or for immediately purchase).

See you at FetishCon !


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