Get ready to be bad for a good cause!

The apocalypse is now and the time to rally has been called for Diabolique Ball: Dystopian Deviance on Saturday November 17 in Philadelphia.

For twenty-two years, the Diabolique Ball has allowed Philadelphians of all persuasions to BE BAD FOR A GOOD CAUSE which is now the annual hashtag #BeBadForAGoodCause , producing a decadent annual fetish ball to raise funds to support charities that provide vital services to Philadelphia’s diverse communities. Traditionally, the Ball has been a staple the weekend before Thanksgiving and this year it’s on November 17th at Ruba Club in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood.


Although Diabolique Ball enforces a strict dress code of fetish, fantasy, or full formal wear, that doesn’t mean that it will be tough to find or create the perfect outfit. Leather gear, vinyl or latex, chain, spandex, full tactical gear (including gear bags, distressed fabrics/ shredded clothing, bondage tape or even homemade costumes of recycled paper, plastic or fabric are perfect for this event. Need inspiration? Look to films like Blade Runner, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Warriors, and Hunger Games.


GET INSPIRED – you don’t have to be rich to get attired… This costumed marauder created a look from old newspaper at the Halloween Ball hosted by celebrity Henri David

Each year, the Ball boasts live fantasy performances, fetish fashion shows, phantasmagoric DJs, frisky charity playstations and so much more!

Ball attendees will be able to boogie to DJ sets from famed Philadelphia turntable artists Dave Ghoul and Mighty Mike Saga.

Fashion shows presented by BabyLoves Latex, Delicous Boutique and PASSIONAL will grace the mainstage presentation hosted by Honeytree EvilEye with ongoing gogo dancing by Coveilance (who are donating tips to the Charities who benefit from this year’s ball).


And of course, in case all of the on-stage entertainment isn’t enough, Diabolique is bringing back its infamous dungeon, sure to fuel our reveler’s engines! Open equipment in the play space will be supplemented by charity stations tended by fetish mentors, where adventurers can try out anything from spankings and electric play rope play in exchange for donations to our dungeon charity.

Although no personal photography is permitted at the event, there are two event photographers who will be available to document only those moments that guests consent to have documented.

Once the clock strikes midnight, two fearless road warriors will be offered up for a charity midnight buffet, laid out with delicious edibles for the glory of starving survivalists to witness and partake.


This year’s Ball tickets benefit Project SAFE, a grassroots direct-service and peer-based advocacy organization of: women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans people in Philadelphia’s sex trade, providing women and femme-centered services with a focus on women working and living in the street economies in Kensington.
The post-apocalyptic playstations and internal charity fundraisers benefit Juntos, a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization in South Philadelphia fighting for the basic human rights of Latinx people in the Philadelphia area as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants.

This year’s rallying cry remains constant: Get dressed, come out and BE BAD FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

Tickets, available exclusively on EventBrite (can be purchased through EventBrite at PASSIONAL Boutique) are now $60 day of the ball. . Ticket prices do not include service, tips or convenience charges.

Please see for more information!

TICKETS: $30 September, $40 October, $50 Nov 1-14, $60 Nov 16-17


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