Our #PASSIONALpersona online challenge finalists

The end of March and month of April were challenging weeks of isolation, but to entertain ourselves and engage the many, many folks who have contributed to the promotion of PASSIONAL looks over the years with a springtime edition of our online photo challenge (normally a Halloween-seasonal occasion). Nonetheless we got great photos from the recent and even more distant archives of our favorite PASSIONAL people!
Here s a slideshow the finalist’s photo entries:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are in the final phase of tallying scores, comment here with your favorites! Winner announced Monday – May the 4th be with you!

36 thoughts on “Our #PASSIONALpersona online challenge finalists”

  1. Veronica Dewitt generously took her time an resource s to make mask for those in need during this crisis. This is the true character she shows on a daily basis. What an amazing person she is.

  2. Let get our girl, Amy Lisbet/the_gothbae this gift card. Its going to get spent so fast hahaha we’re always looking to pick up new pieces!

  3. Local bae with severe goth tendencies! She should totally get it. May the 4th be with her. Love the katana and the old graveyard!

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