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Help us meet our Instagram Challenge to sell via PASSIONAL Boutique Instagram!

We want to be able to sell directly on the PASSIONAL Instagram to offer our fashions but to do that, we need 10K followers, so please tell your best Instagram buddies!

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Superheroes of #TeamPASSIONAL are here to serve you!

Team PASSIONAL continues to work from home, We are offering advice and taking orders for free delivery during the pandemic. We have added online chat to PASSIONAL Online and have forwarded store telephone calls  to serve you daily from 10am-8pm.

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HALLOWEEN is screaming! Looking for a party?

Philly has so many places to party with creative and kink creatures, especially this week! Check out our PASSIONAL party recommendations:

THRU 10.27 KILLJOY CASTLE– Tired of the old haunted tropes? Bring the whole family to a haunt that  Lesbian Feminist Haunted House at Crane Arts in Philadelphia (all ages, wheelchair accessible). Stereotypes are broke, but we are woke, don’t miss the uprising!

FRIDAY 10/25 Amateur Drag Attack – doing drag this Halloween? Strut your stilettos into Tabu TONIGHT  to watch contestants show you how it should (or shouldn’t) be done!

SATURDAY- 10/26 Hallowqweens invite you to join the queer and the allied for a colorful party that is sure to inspire @FringeArts!

HALLOWEEN THURSDAY- Philadelphia is famous for keeping the raw, real trusted and true Halloween Celebrations on 10/31 come hell or highwater.

10/31 Dracula’s Ball will sell out, if it hasn’t already so make sure to get your tickets ASAP! Live goth industrial music, high dark fashion and deejays without boundaries make this all ages party (with an adults only bar to drink/play in) an annual ritual for adults and young adults in your family to dress up and get your (dark and fashionable) dance party on!

10/31Henri David’s Halloween Ball attracts theater folks, politicians and perverts alike with the biggest, baddest costume contest in town. It’s the 50th (that’s right, count ’em) anniversary so it should be HUGE. If creative kinky costumes are your true love, you won’t want to miss Henri David Ball

10/31 Visit Asylum 13 at Bar 13 Wilmington on Halloween or any Thursday of the year!

11/1 PEX Halloween Ball is a costumed extravaganzaa of burner-fueled audio, visual and sensory overdrive. An absolutely inspiring and inspired dance event with performances and more!


GET TICKETS NOW for Diabolique Ball 23: Fetish Asylum before they price goes up on Oct 31


BARS… Mild play like parading with a collar and leash or light bondage is not illegal and is generally tolerated in adult-only environments like bars. IF it’s in your neighborhood, you might want to check with your neighbors before exposing your interests in that way, but as with any recreational activity, a little diplomacy goes a long way. And if you want to hang out in an unpretentious leather bar in Philly’s gayborhood where any body can express their kinkiness within the confines of Pennsylvania Liquor Law, we highly recommend you visit The Bike Stop anytime you are in downtown Philly. We especially recommend Vice Philly night every Second Thursday and Philthy Pups night every third Saturday– any time of year!

Diabolique Ball 21: A Magical, Mythological Style Guide

Looking to make a grand entrance into the mysterious world of Myths & Mysteries at Diabolique Ball next week? Our PASSIONAL purchasers have put together some fantastical fetish-inspired style options in keeping with this year’s theme. Regardless of which tribe, pack or species of magical of creature you wish to invoke in your quest to be bad for a good cause, here are some style inspirations:


Deities and Demons. As you enter the mysterious mists next Saturday, remember that you are not going to church- at least not in a typical sense. You will enter a world where supernatural archetypes are invoked for the purpose of celebrating and enhancing the enchantments of carnal pleasures! Many pantheons of supernatural superheroes and supervillains have parts to play in this passion play. Both feminine and masculine versions of these archetypes have not only roles in battles of good vs. evil, but are flanked by armies of colorful creatures who aid them in their endeavors.

Masculine: Fetish Harnesses and Warrior Kilts

Feminine: Goddess or She Devil

Warriors. From legendary Amazon fighters to Spartan soldiers to any human archetype that wields weapons to protect their spirit-tribes, a warrior can take the shape of an active fighter or a behind spiritual spellcaster that provides protection through indirect means.  Whether your weapons are a spellbook or a sword, check out these looks.

Masculine Kilts or Feminine Kilts and Armor

Mischievous magical humanoids. Fairy princess, Elven King or Queen, gnome or forest sprite, there are myriad magical folk that posess mostly human features from demigods to djinns from wish-fulfilling genies to jokesters who would turn a human head into an ass. For the chaotic neutral invocation, try these styles:

Hybrid human and animal species. Many are familiar with Greco-Roman renditions of creatures that share human bodies with the heads or legs of horses and goats and fish, such as Cantaurs, Minotaurs , Fauns and mer people- but these options merely scratch the surface of the possibilities from multiple cultures. Winged creatures and bird with human heads, reptilian features and even insect characteristics are yours to incorporate into your dream character:

Bestial Guardians. From mythical horses with wings or a horn to all manner of muti-headed guard dog breeds the supernatural world inspires a surfeit of spectacular nonhuman creatures whose features and gifts are not human in nature. Gargoyles, seraphim, hell hounds, Pegasus, unicorn sand other creatures from cruel to cuddlesome create a charismatic realm of playful possiblities.

Debauchery in the Details
All purpose dramatic Cosplay Accessories will add the extra elemental enigma to any look from glowing eyes to glowing hair and masks.



Bid on PASSIONAL @PLPN Sept 30

Philadelphia Leather Pride Night is happening in September this year and PASSIONAL is dressing two of our hometown titleholders with head to toe outfits that can be exchanged within 14 days for in-stock items at our store!


If you have never been to Philly Leather Pride night, you will find a smorgasboard of active community members coming together from deep and wide for a night of charity fundraising hosted by Jo Arnone. There is a reception and Intimate Conversation with Sir Guy before the auction and a throwback dance party hosted by the Onyx Pearls at the end. You can even buy tickets HERE right now !

PASSIONAL has recruited two local titleholders: Ms Philly Leather 2017 Raquel and Philly Fetish Z Onyx, to sell the clothes we have donated off their bodies.

Raquel will be modeling and selling our Warrior Corsette (the one she has is size 24 but is exchangable up to a size 42 within two weeks at PASSIONAL) and 4-way stretch neoprene Felicity Leggings and matching Felicity Halter by French fetish designer Patrice Catanzaro (Raquel will model size Small, but exchanges can be made within two weeks for sizes XS-XL). She will be armed with the longer thinner billy jack (our most popular thuddy impact toy) which is not exchangeable

Philadelphia Fetish champ Z Onyx will be sporting a cargo kilt,  (his size 52 can be exchanged for sizes 28-54″ at PASSIONAL within two weeks) Kilt belt (size 49 can be exchanged within two weeks for 28-50″ belt) and sleeveless uniform shirt (his size 5X can be exchanged to XS-4X within 14 days) . Z will be brandishing the 1″ stocky, wider version of our leather billy jack (not exchangeable)

Save Big on Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

PASSIONAL is creating a perfect opportunity for you to get a jump start on shopping for the special someones on your list with a huge sale to kickoff the holiday shopping season! In honor of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we are throwing the biggest, baddest sale we have ever thrown!

The Sale is on Friday and Saturday! All in-stock fashions and accessories are part of this special sale (details below) which features the biggest discounts in our nearly two decades of business! For two days only, everything in PASSIONAL Boutique will be on for sale in pairs – Buy one, get the second 20-100% off! Free Saturday afternoon Parking begins this Saturday at 11am and continues for the rest of the year, giving you more reasons so save!

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Gifting? Our staff stylists can help you figure out sizing and will provide you with gift receipts for every purchase- these will allow your gifted to exchange any unworn item for size through December 31.  In addition to our complimentary gift packaging (boxes, bags and bows while supplies last) , we also are now offering FREE in-store pickup from our website (please call 215-829-4986 to make sure items are in stock, although we will do our best to contact you immediately if a product is out of stock).

In-store on both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, find spectacular savings on all in-stock items!

CORSETS & KILTS- Buy one of either and take a 2nd home for 20% OFF

MENSWEAR, WOMENSWEAR, EVERYBODYWEAR Buy one get one 50% OFF all fashions, footwear and accessories (except corsets and kilts)

CLEARANCE SALE ITEMS- Buy any item from our special sale rack, take a 2nd FREE!

Sexy Revolutions of Style and Sin!

It’s Diabolique Ball season! Join PASSIONAL people and party animals for a history-themed event  that will celebrate kinky crusaders and fetishistic fighters from throughout human history, proving that their really isn’t anything new about naughtiness!

Each year, the Diabolique Ball takes fashion and fantasy to new levels! Strict fetish or formalwear (gowns or tuxedos as shown)  and a ticket are required for entry! Courtesy of The Carter Johnson Library with kind permission
Each year, the Diabolique Ball takes fashion and fantasy to new levels! Strict fetish or formalwear (gowns or tuxedos as shown) and a ticket are required for entry!
Courtesy of The Carter Johnson Library with kind permission

 Fantastical fashion shows by  PASSIONAL Boutique  (as well as  our buddies  Delicious Boutique and BabyLove’s Latex) lead into a climactic mainstage show with our hometown heroes of drag and burlesque, The Liberty City Kings and a super sexy headlining performance by internationally reknowned “Super Nova of Kink” Midori (who will be teaching classes all weekend through Sexploratorium).

This year’s charity fundraising benefits the newly planned Testing Center at Philly AIDS Thrift as well as ActionAIDS and the Carter Johnson Library. The big Diabolique Ball news is the return of the Diabolique VIP Lounge (after one-year hiatus) where generous contributors to this year’s causes can watch the show in comfort and enjoy appetizers, exclusive playspace, open bar and the company of other A-list guests.

HEAR YE HEAR YE! The Diabolique Fashion Police enforce a strict fetish or black-tie formal mandatory dress code for entrance, so be sure to dress to thrill! Click on the previous sentence earn more about this everyone-participates-visually-by-dressing-up policy or come to PASSIONAL and we style you in high fantasy garb! Don’t claim we didn’t warn you- non compliant voyeurs get stripped down to their skivvies or ejected if they don’t arrive in proper attire (dressing area is provided at the Ball for the convenience of guests). Need inspiration? See our Diabolique Style Suggestions here!


Ball tickets are on sale NOW at or you can save time and service charges by picking them up at PASSIONAL, where your ticket earns you 10% off fashions and accessories for the Ball!

Your ticket is your passport to a weekend of events. So make sure to keep your ticket number handy for discount shopping, an exclusive play party, discount classes and brunches as well as a Saturday night play party!

Come out next weekend and Be Bad For a Good Cause with the Diabolique Foundation at Viva La Revolution! A celebration of sexual revolutions through history.