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Shiny Vinyl Dark Fantasy from Tatjana

Posted in Costume Carnival, Criminal Accessories, Fantasic Femme Fashion, Fashion Design Competition, Gift Guides, Men's Style, Transform Yourself on October 21, 2016 by Kali Morgan

It’s #PASSIONALhalloween 2016 and in preparation for this year’s Diabolique Ball: Futurotica we’ve invested in a limited collection of the dark futuristic vinyl fashions of Europe’s futurotic fashion phantasm Tatjana Warrneke. a self-taught designer currently based in Germany whose looks you will immediately recognize. Enjoy highlights from this new limited collection, below, and order for Valentine’s 2017 delivery if you want to gift a specially made item to a special someone.

These limited selections only can be purchased from PASSIONAL ONLINE and cannot be special ordered before the end of the year, so buy now!


Peoples Choice Results: Do Tell! design contest

Posted in Fashion Design Competition on July 16, 2011 by Kali Morgan

For 7 full days visitors at PASSIONAL Boutique looked at the sewn samples of our design contestants and cast a total of 39 ballots where they scored their favorites.

The results of that effort were the following score’s in the PASSIONAL Peoples’ Choice portion of the contest (drumroll please…)

1st place (Final score: 91) Emily Burns for her Mixed Media Uniform

Emily Jean Burns submitted three possible looks

2nd Place (final score 70) Blooms in the Night for her  Star-Spangled Gown

Another option from Blooms in the Night

2nd place in the voting was the gown by Blooms in the Night.

3rd Place (final score 65) Jaslyn Martinez for her Combat Dress

3rd place in the voting was the combat dress by Jaslyn Martinez

Fashion Design Contest Finalists

Posted in Fashion Design Competition on April 7, 2011 by Kali Morgan

Jaslyn Martinez was our first entrant:

This was the PASSIONAL favorite of her three submitted looks.

Veronica Blooms


Option #1 from Veronica Blooms

Another option from Veronica Burns

Another option from Veronica Blooms

Another option from Veronica Blooms

A third option from Veronica Blooms

Local designer Emily Burns contributed her entries:

Emily Jean Burns submitted three possible looks

Do Tell: 2011 Student Design Competition!

Posted in Events, Fashion Design Competition on February 9, 2011 by Kali Morgan

PASSIONAL Boutique Do Tell: Military Style Student Design Competition

It’s that time again! PASSIONAL Boutique, Philadelphia’s retailer of corsets, fashion and passion is sponsoring its second student design competition. The competition is open to fashion design students who can sketch, design and provide sewn samples of their work.

In 2009, the first contest was launched for designs with a Steam Punk theme. Audra Phillips, the winner of that contest, showed her winning ensembles at the Diabolique Ball and had her men’s vest produced by PASSIONAL.

This year, in celebration of anticipated expansion of U.S. Military inclusion, the theme is “Do Tell: Militaristic Fashion.” PASSIONAL will award costume designers that successfully feature elements of real or imagined military uniforms and apparel from combat gear and bullet belts to BDUs to formal uniforms. Student contestants are absolutely encouraged to present their styles in a non-traditional manner, especially in terms of logos, insignias and details.

From the racks of PASSIONAL Boutique past a snapshot of military-inspired styles. This year, we hope to discover an up-and-coming talent to produce a brand-new style for our private label collection.

Contestants can enter under three categories: Women’s Militaristic Costume (full body- separates or suit), Men’s Militaristic Costume (full body- separates or suit), Militaristic Accessories (hats, jewelry, belts etc). Please note, PASSIONAL Boutique wholeheartedly approves of any-gendered- person in skirts or pants, but please choose the category that accurately reflects your piece in US Women’s sizing or US Men’s sizes (regardless of the style, we need to know who the piece will fit).

A minimum final score of 80% is required to win any of the prizes listed below:

There will a maximum of one winner chosen to win the first prize of:
$200 gift card redeemable at PASSIONAL Boutique
Studio photo shoot with photographer Jerry Bennet (shared rights to images).
Interview and photo on blog
Feature in the PASSIONAL Fashion show at the Diabolique Charity Ball in November
Possible inclusion in the fall collection of PASSIONAL Brand manufacturing run.

2nd through 5th place winners may receive:
Certificates of Merit
$50 gift card redeemable at PASSIONAL Boutique
Possible inclusion of in the winter collection of PASSIONAL Brand manufacturing run
Possible interview with qualified designers published on the  blog

Students who enter the competition are required to submit the entry application along with three full design sketches in their chosen categories. This means that three full sketches may be submitted in any category or combinations of categories. Each sketch must include a front view, a rear view and one or more detail views as necessary, and must be labeled with the contestant’s name and the name of the category which the design represents.

Completed entry forms must be turned in with sketches by 10pm February 20, 2011.

Finalists will be contacted by February 21 and will then be required create a sewn sample of one chosen design, and to indicate what US size their sample should fit.  Sewn samples are due By March 19.

From March 20th to March  27th finalist samples will be displayed at PASSIONAL Boutique, where the public will rate the designs on display for 20% of the total score

Scoring: From March 20th-27th, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite designs which will comprise 20% of each contestant’s final score.  The other 70% of the finalists’ scores will be judged in the following seven areas by local fashion designers and the retail staff of PASSIONAL Boutique:Concept, Thematic Accuracy, Fit, Usability/durability, Finishing/craft quality, Fabric/ color choice, Overall Presentation

Contestants must receive a minimum total score of 80% or higher in order to qualify for first prize and/or incorporation into the store collection.

PASSIONAL Boutique (formerly Fetishes Boutique) is a woman-owned, independent retailer that has long featured the styles of local and national independent designers and manufactuers in its (often non-traditional) fashion collections.  This competition is intended to provide a new generation of designers and fashion artisans the opportunity to manifest their skills. It is also an opportunity for Philadelphia’s exotic fashion retailer to grow new PASSIONAL Boutique private label of leather and fabric apparel for in sizes ranging from XXS- 8XL.

Through participation in this contest up and coming designers will have an opportunity to bring their designs to life and to possibly see them produced to fit a wide range of body types and styles.

This competition repeats with different themes. Past winners are invited to judge future contestants. Email Proprietrix Kali Morgan for an entry application, or to participate in judging as a past contestant. For more information, call Kali Morgan at 215-868-0173.

Audra Phillips- Student Design Winner

Posted in Fashion Design Competition on December 9, 2009 by Kali Morgan

Audra Phillips’ design The Gentlemen Aristocrat won first prize in the first ever PASSIONAL Student Design Competition. For the 2009 competition, students were asked to create a costume based on Steampunk, a sci-fi genre involving post-victorian and early industrial time travel and adventure.
Six students were chosen as finalists and created six samples for possible inclusion into an upcoming PASSIONAL Boutique fashion collection.

Audra Phillips

First prize winner of the PASSIONAL Boutique Student Design Competion

How did you become interested in fashion design?

I watched the movie The Fifth Element and immediately fell in love with Jean Paul Gaultier’s work. I was 9 (years old).

When did you begin designing fashions?
I started to really get into fashion design when I was 13. I started to make my designs when I was 14. It was mostly prom dresses back then.

Where did you learn the skills to design and create fashion?
I learned how to sew from watching my mom make quilts and dresses for special occasions. I taught myself how to draw by looking a pictures in magazines.
Other education? I’m very happy I decided to further my education through college. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques that will help further my career, like web design (smiles)

What is your philosophy regarding the art of fashion design?

Destroy and deviate from the norms.

What skills are necessary to design fashion?
An open mind, an extensive knowledge of fashion history and construction skills. Most importantly, though, time management. You have to know how to budget your time, or else you won’t get anything done.

Of those skills mentioned, which do you feel are your strong points?
My biggest strength is definitely a knowledge of fashion history,
My weak point is time management. I’m the world’s best procrastinator.

The winning design - complete with pocketwatch, perfectly mixed stripes and other fun design elements expertly sewn.

How important do you think sewing skills are to designing?
Absolutely 100% important. You have to know how to take something from 2D to 3D, otherwise there’s no point in designing.

What fashion artists or designers influence your work?

Robert Cary-Williams, Gaultier, Lacroix, House of Holland, Blaak

What is the most important element of your work- what would you like your designs to be famous for?

Their simple, yet intricate design. It’s the little things that count, like seam finishes and button choice.

What are your future fashion design plans?
I would love to have my own line one day, and maybe a small boutique, but for now I’d like to be a design assistant.

Who do you expect to see wearing your designs in five years?

I cater towards young women and men with a strong love of old mixed with new.
Who do you HOPE to see (sky is the limit)?
I hope to see someone like Amy Lee wearing my clothes….that would be amazing.

Any fun and interesting projects coming your way in the near future?
Right now I’m working on my senior collection (which is Steampunk themed), and I’m hoping to start up my first menswear line shortly after.

Do you have advice to other aspiring designers? Possibly advice that you wished somebody had given you?
Honestly, just manage your time well, and make yourself a separate budget for sewing supplies. Time and money seem to just disappear.

If you were invited to show your first collection on a New York runway tomorrow, what music would you choose?
Tool. No contest. They’re the best “do everything to” music…

If you had to choose a different life path (besides fashion design), what other career do you think you might pursue?
A writer…that’s what I wanted to do when I was a kid, but I was better a fashion design.

Are there any awful fashion trends or common fashion faux pas that drive you nuts
Dear God, if I have to see one more pair of black leggings worn with brown boots I will cry. Black and brown make me frown.


Audra Phillips

Audra submitted two fully sewn pieces for this contest- her female piece came in fourth place. Awards were given at a special reception in PASSIONAL Boutique