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Shopping for (or even receiving) gifts can be stressful, especially when variables like size and style come into play. At the same time, nothing says “celebration”, for both the giver and receiver of a gift, quite like unwrapping a package that contains a perfect item that can be immediately tried on! If someone on your gift list has exotic taste, we can help you find the flavor and portion that is just right. Or if you are requesting gifts for your special occasion (Bridal, wedding, birthday, etc.) know that we are here to help Gift Certificate Guide A gift certificate might be the perfect option.

Here are some pricing guidelines:

  • $100 is enough for a basic leather harness, intimate apparel/ hosiery or a collection of fun accessories, an entry level cincher. 

  • $200 is enough for a basic over-bust corset, basic leather chaps or pants, a basic leather jacket, latex shirts, a rugged fabric kilt or a personal shopping experience before our store opens. 

  • $300 is enough for a couture underbust corset, a mid-range overbust corset with stockings, a basic leather kilt,  or mid-range leather pants.

  • $500 is enough for most made to measure items in-store including our lambskin collection for men, customized latex and custom corset.

Gift Receipts: We will provide you with  a gift receipt that can be used to make an exchange for size or style on unworn non-intimate items.

Gift Registry: Whether your special occasion is a birthday, bridal shower, wedding or collaring, PASSIONAL allows you to register your wish list in-store, where our associates can assist with tracking the proper sizing, etc.

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