House party? We deliver!

Stay home, shop online and on  party with us online!

We’ve added accessories and feminine looks to our PASSIONAL Brand collection of kilts, vests, pants, harnesses to now include skirts, aprons  (for all bodies, all genders).

In addition to our leather options from Kookie, Pavlus, and Northbound and you will find more options than we have had in over a decade!


Adding day collars, necklaces, charms and  accessories with coloring to match the BDSM hanky code can add a touch of flirtation to any outfit or even your birthday suit!

Just because your clubbing adventures have moved online, does not mean you cannot dress to distress!

Clubwear is always on the menu, with BOGO 20% OFF Specials on all the goth, festival casual fetish and cosplay looks you crave, for a price you can actually afford

Put yourself on a pedestal of stylish options for all genders, all bodies from high heels (US Women’s sizes 5-17 in stock) to unisex combat boots (US Men’s 6-14 in stock) .

Whether you are working part time as a cam model on platforms like OnlyFans , or just want to test your newly perfected pedicure skills on some open toe options,  well made, affordable and sexy footwear gives you the foundation to step into the future with confidence!
BOGO 20% OFF+ Free US Shipping + Free local (within 15mi) delivery (order by 2pm for same day) through 5/3/2020 . Our staff are providing online and telephone customer service from 12-6 daily SITEWIDE BOGO 20%OFF SALE ends at 11:59PM Sunday May 3, 2020. Don’t miss your chance to SAVE. 

Post your #PASSIONALpersona pics for chance at $100 Prize 4/30
Please help us meet our Instagram Challenge


Help us meet our Instagram Challenge to sell via PASSIONAL Boutique Instagram!

We want to be able to sell directly on the PASSIONAL Instagram to offer our fashions but to do that, we need 10K followers, so please tell your best Instagram buddies!

We would  like to meet the same challenge and sell Sexploratorium toys, tools and classes directly from the Sexploratorium Instagram, ,  so while you are following and reposting, please make sure to follow us on our individual networks!


Lights, camera, action! YOU are the star!

Break  out you inner badass in the house of quarantine!

Latex, wetlook and all the other unexpected comforts of home allow you to experience body flattering fit and sensory stimulation that will have you ready to take over the world when it is time to romp in groups! Meantime you can but your best face and foot forward during video chats, virtual dane parties and online fetish parties / munches!

Don’t forget our  PASSIONAL Persona Online Challenge – post your pics using #PASSIONALboutique and #PASSIONALpersona for a chance to win $100 in gear!

Also, plase take a few moments to complete our onilne shopping survey

New situation… working on a new website!

Since we have been online only for a month, we have been working toward creating a brand new website. But we need your help!

We have created an online survey with incentives of $20-$100  and we would appeciate it if you would visit click the banner that looks like the one above and complete our 3 question or longer 6 question surveys (or both) to help us make sure that our next version is an improvement over what we  have!


Stay home, post your PASSIONAL persona & win!

#EveryDayIsHalloween and every month is #PrideMonth here at PASSIONAL Boutique, even when the store is shuttered.

It may be weeks or even months before it is safe to open out doors to the glamourous beings that keep our party going all year long. While we continue to deliver online and special orders, we have created a #OnlineChallenge for you to join across your favorite social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


It’s easy and it’s fun!

  1. Take photos or videos and post them using the hashtags #PASSIONALboutique and #PASSIONALpersona
  2.  Share your posts wherever you may wish with friends, group members, fans, etc on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  3. At the end of April, we will tally all the likes you received, and will have each of our active team members rank all the entries in the order of fantasy fashionability, assigning each submitted photo or video a staff score that will be added to this total to determine our winner
  4. Winner receives e a $100 gift certificate to purchase any items they might want to add to their style arsenal from the store when it reopens in Philadelphia or at conventions or online!

We cannot wait to see what you post! Stay safe, play safe!

Superheroes of #TeamPASSIONAL are here to serve you!

Team PASSIONAL continues to work from home, We are offering advice and taking orders for free delivery during the pandemic. We have added online chat to PASSIONAL Online and have forwarded store telephone calls  to serve you daily from 10am-8pm.

This is also a great time to follow PASSIONAL Boutique on our social networks: TwitterFacebook  , Instagram  and FetLife where you can stay in touch with our team members and learn about the many projects we are working on from our homes. It is also a great time to subscribe to our email newsletter

If you are looking for sexuality tools or kinky accoutrements, make sure to follow our sister Sexploratorium networks.

Stay Healthy, Stay PASSIONAL

During the Covid19 Quaratine physical store is closed.

Online customer service available daily from 10am-8pm


PASSIONAL people of all persuasions are living in a precautionary tale of human connection and misdirection where seemingly innocent contact can cause illness. As a body-positive store the health and safety of all bodies who work in, visit or even brush by our spaces is the highest of priority. To this end we have implemented extra cleaning and care measures to reduce and prevent the spread of infections such as the coronavirus.

For the duration of this pandemic, our preventative procedures include:

  1. We encourage staff and community members to protect their personal health. Until and unless this threat passes, we will allow customers to use the washroom if requested to thoroughly wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. Sanitizer bottles are located at each register and in our Community Room.  We remind customers and staff to avoid touching their eyes, nose, face with unwashed hands. 
  2. We have posted the signs of symptoms of COVID-19pdf icon:  fever, cough, shortness of breath.
  3. We encourage people to stay home when sick and have provided work at home opportunities for staff members who have compromised immune systems or symptoms of illness.
  4. We ask all who visit our spaces to refrain  from hugs and handshakes, using creative modes of greeting ranging from “Live long and prosper” hand signs to elbow touches and toe taps.
  5. We regularly clean surfaces that are frequently touched -such as shared desks, countertops, kitchen areas, electronics, and doorknobs, light switches.
  6.  All Passion 101 programming will observe a limit of 15 participants until further notice, and participants will not touch each other and will be offered gloves to wear if passing around of products is part of the lesson plan.
  7. Because school is cancelled in the Philadelphia area, we may keep the front door locked during the week to prevent unsupervised children from entering the building. If you visit our store and the door is locked, please ring the courtesy doorbell.

PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium is offering new (and reminding you of) Special Services for our customers during this pandemic:

  • FREE DELIVERY – We are currently offering free delivery within 15 miles of our store at 317 South Street in Philadelphia.
    To get free delivery,
    1. order online at and enter your local zip code to qualify for the DELIVERY option as a shipping method.
    2. Make sure to call the store to confirm your order and we will call you back with an estimated time of delivery.
  • PAY IT FORWARD – for those temporarily unemployed or underemployed during this pandemic, you may utilize our PAY IT FORWARD account to assist with necessities such as gender expression items ( packers underwear, gaffs, binders, etc.), health and hygiene items (STP Stand to Pee devices, sustainable menstrual products, and barrier protections (rubber exam gloves, etc), to use this service, simply request that the items you desire be paid with by the PAY IT FORWARD account. When all money from the account is spent, you can still make purchases for 50% off or pay what you can and we will add it to the PAY IT FORWARD account to be paid by that account in the future.

Our 24th Anniversary: Final Rewards Redemption Opportunity + Bring a Card for a Discount (We will party later…)



February 6, 2020 is the day we celebrate our 24th  PASSIONALversary. Because Feb 6th was the date we opened our first brick and mortar retail location, we observe this date each year. We have been providing fantasy fashions for all bodies as well as  guaranteed-quality sexuality and fantasy products (originally as Fetishes Boutique) since early 1996

February 6, 2020 is also is  your final chance to redeem  the rewards you earned from shopping with us in  2019 ( we are sorry; rewards cannot be redeemed toward gift certificates… you must either use them or lose them). Call us at 215-829-4986 or email us  if you need assistance redeeming your rewards online for mail orders. Otherwise stop by the shop between noon-8pm today or tomorrow to spend those points before they disappear!


Visit in person to wish us a happy anniversary, save 24%. FEBRUARY 6
TH ONLY Give us an anniversary card, SAVE 24% off one item (or if you email us a card we will reply with your discount code to redeem  on . All cards will be displayed during our 24th Anniversary Party later this month (read on)

Get 24% off one item if you bring a card today!


Later this month, we are actually going to party. After V-day and our ensuing conventions and in-store events, we are hosting an exclusive after hours party in our store.


anniversary banner
Get a ticket and join us in store with your  phone cameras ready for and exclusive, intimate,  after -hours romp through the building with door prizes, food, beverages party games and more!
Get dressed and record yourself performing for our  PASSIONAL’s Got Talent  online showcase for a chance to win $100 in PASSIONAL  gear,
Get the video rolling  while you explore some of our products to participate in Sex Toy Speed Dating  for a chance to win #100 in Sexploratorium gear!
Experience  joy rides on some of our furniture, meet new PASSIONAL people and start your weekend a day early!


HALLOWEEN is screaming! Looking for a party?

Philly has so many places to party with creative and kink creatures, especially this week! Check out our PASSIONAL party recommendations:

THRU 10.27 KILLJOY CASTLE– Tired of the old haunted tropes? Bring the whole family to a haunt that  Lesbian Feminist Haunted House at Crane Arts in Philadelphia (all ages, wheelchair accessible). Stereotypes are broke, but we are woke, don’t miss the uprising!

FRIDAY 10/25 Amateur Drag Attack – doing drag this Halloween? Strut your stilettos into Tabu TONIGHT  to watch contestants show you how it should (or shouldn’t) be done!

SATURDAY- 10/26 Hallowqweens invite you to join the queer and the allied for a colorful party that is sure to inspire @FringeArts!

HALLOWEEN THURSDAY- Philadelphia is famous for keeping the raw, real trusted and true Halloween Celebrations on 10/31 come hell or highwater.

10/31 Dracula’s Ball will sell out, if it hasn’t already so make sure to get your tickets ASAP! Live goth industrial music, high dark fashion and deejays without boundaries make this all ages party (with an adults only bar to drink/play in) an annual ritual for adults and young adults in your family to dress up and get your (dark and fashionable) dance party on!

10/31Henri David’s Halloween Ball attracts theater folks, politicians and perverts alike with the biggest, baddest costume contest in town. It’s the 50th (that’s right, count ’em) anniversary so it should be HUGE. If creative kinky costumes are your true love, you won’t want to miss Henri David Ball

10/31 Visit Asylum 13 at Bar 13 Wilmington on Halloween or any Thursday of the year!

11/1 PEX Halloween Ball is a costumed extravaganzaa of burner-fueled audio, visual and sensory overdrive. An absolutely inspiring and inspired dance event with performances and more!


GET TICKETS NOW for Diabolique Ball 23: Fetish Asylum before they price goes up on Oct 31


BARS… Mild play like parading with a collar and leash or light bondage is not illegal and is generally tolerated in adult-only environments like bars. IF it’s in your neighborhood, you might want to check with your neighbors before exposing your interests in that way, but as with any recreational activity, a little diplomacy goes a long way. And if you want to hang out in an unpretentious leather bar in Philly’s gayborhood where any body can express their kinkiness within the confines of Pennsylvania Liquor Law, we highly recommend you visit The Bike Stop anytime you are in downtown Philly. We especially recommend Vice Philly night every Second Thursday and Philthy Pups night every third Saturday– any time of year!

Corsets, Fashion, Passion.