Valentine Gift Kits – Sexy stress free combos for Him

Exotic Pirate Kit $49.99picture coming soon!

A leather eyepatch, head-wrap and jock strap can take you to the high seas this Valentine’s without leaving your house. And because you bought the kit together, you save $20.

Caged Man Kit $69.99
Lip Service made this fun faux-leather fashion line that looks great on big beefy men or slender goff guys. Gotta love the versatility, and when you buy the harness can gauntlets together, you save more than $20.00. Just $69.99

Big man, small man, every man is sexy when caged! One size fits a variety!

Bondage cub kit

Just a little bit of leather says a lot, nd this kit saves you $30 off the cost of the indivicual piece3

Sexy gray striped jock, a bear-imprinted bondage belt and a bear paw-imprinted armband make this the perfect outfit to bear-trap your boy in. And for just $89.99 you save over $50 for buying these pieces together

Make your own gift box-

Bundle up a batch of butch fashions and save 5% when you buy 5 items or more and 10% if you buy 10 items or more (cannot be combined with any other discounts, does not apply to clearance items).

As always, the staff of PASSIONAL Boutique are happy to help you package your gifts in standard sweater-sized gift boxes or our reusable satin bags- with bows!

Valentine’s for Her: It’s a wrap!


The sexiest wrap: Corsets
Whether you are wrapping yourself as a gift for a loved one, or you are wrapping a gift for the favorite femme in your life, everybody loves a properly fitted corset!

Whether worn as lingerie, or out with pants and a jacket to your favorite restaurant, a corset is the perfect Valentine’s gift!

With over 200 corsets in-stock to choose from from 10 different international designers, PASSIONAL can help even the most befuddled shopper choose a style that is likely to fit, and can we gift package it for free.

The traditional wrap: Lingerie
Pin-up fashion designer Lucy B has provided us with hot see through or vinyl lingerie styles based on classic retro patterns.

A wet n’ wild wrap: Latex
Mini skirts, garter dresses and other delights are made for feminine curves with shiny fetishistic appeal. You will never forget a lubed up

Love her in latex from barely there to full coverage

The rubber lovers of PASSIONAL slide n’ dance at HYDRATE 1.31

We just got photos of last Saturday’s PASSIONAL field trip to Hydrate, the big gay water park dance party.

Twisted Life threw an awesome party that was unfortunately under-attended due to about an inch of snowfall. But the hardcore latex-lovin’ weekend staff of PASSIONAL Boutique drove across the river after work to slide into latex, and slide down the water-slides along with our neighbor and leather-crafter, John of Anonymous Leather.

Tia, Kali and Paula get wet under the power washer.
Tia, Kali and Paula get wet under the power washer.
ZONK took multiple shots on the surf wave boogie board experience
John from Anonymous Leather exits the slide

Valentine’s gifts for him : It’s a wrap!

Valentine’s is the season for fun, flirtation and fashion so there is no better time than to wrap yourself or wrap your loved one for an unforgettable date.


Lingerie 4 Him:
We expect a big delivery of men’s lingerie by February 1st! The dudely among us will love the new looks from Male Power, Gregg to wrap up his assets and tease your voyeuristic sensibilities.

Get ready to ride in new exotic styles by Gregg

Pig Gear:

slide him inot these neoprene codpiece pants by Nasty Pig for a Valentine's date you will both remember.

All manner of tomboy will love the waterproof, nightclub-proof, clubwear and darewear by Nasty Pig! Sexy pants, tops and bedroom gear for him.

Nothing beats the breezy comfort of our collection of  wraps for men made by Utilikilt, Amerikilt and other designers with functional pockets, manly looks  and rugged dress up for festivals, camping and even carpentry.

Next to a man in uniform, there is something irresistable about a man in hot skins. With new motorcycle-style pants, chaps  and vests for $100 and up, there hasn’t ever been a better time to live out your leather fashion fantasy with him.

Slide your guy into some sexy skins- starting at just $7.99 for gloves and $49.99 for vests available thru 3XL


From simple to detailed, latex is a whole new fashion universe. Slide him into some so he can experience it for himself!

Latex glides onto him with a little lubrication, and nothing quite matches the sensation of rubber sliding across the skin and tightly hugging (but also smoothing) the manly bulges of his body.  Wet but waterproof, there is no worry about a waiter at the pub spilling a drink on his new latex jeans!

Audra Phillips- Student Design Winner

Audra Phillips’ design The Gentlemen Aristocrat won first prize in the first ever PASSIONAL Student Design Competition. For the 2009 competition, students were asked to create a costume based on Steampunk, a sci-fi genre involving post-victorian and early industrial time travel and adventure.
Six students were chosen as finalists and created six samples for possible inclusion into an upcoming PASSIONAL Boutique fashion collection.

Audra Phillips
First prize winner of the PASSIONAL Boutique Student Design Competion

How did you become interested in fashion design?

I watched the movie The Fifth Element and immediately fell in love with Jean Paul Gaultier’s work. I was 9 (years old).

When did you begin designing fashions?
I started to really get into fashion design when I was 13. I started to make my designs when I was 14. It was mostly prom dresses back then.

Where did you learn the skills to design and create fashion?
I learned how to sew from watching my mom make quilts and dresses for special occasions. I taught myself how to draw by looking a pictures in magazines.
Other education? I’m very happy I decided to further my education through college. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques that will help further my career, like web design (smiles)

What is your philosophy regarding the art of fashion design?

Destroy and deviate from the norms.

What skills are necessary to design fashion?
An open mind, an extensive knowledge of fashion history and construction skills. Most importantly, though, time management. You have to know how to budget your time, or else you won’t get anything done.

Of those skills mentioned, which do you feel are your strong points?
My biggest strength is definitely a knowledge of fashion history,
My weak point is time management. I’m the world’s best procrastinator.

The winning design - complete with pocketwatch, perfectly mixed stripes and other fun design elements expertly sewn.

How important do you think sewing skills are to designing?
Absolutely 100% important. You have to know how to take something from 2D to 3D, otherwise there’s no point in designing.

What fashion artists or designers influence your work?

Robert Cary-Williams, Gaultier, Lacroix, House of Holland, Blaak

What is the most important element of your work- what would you like your designs to be famous for?

Their simple, yet intricate design. It’s the little things that count, like seam finishes and button choice.

What are your future fashion design plans?
I would love to have my own line one day, and maybe a small boutique, but for now I’d like to be a design assistant.

Who do you expect to see wearing your designs in five years?

I cater towards young women and men with a strong love of old mixed with new.
Who do you HOPE to see (sky is the limit)?
I hope to see someone like Amy Lee wearing my clothes….that would be amazing.

Any fun and interesting projects coming your way in the near future?
Right now I’m working on my senior collection (which is Steampunk themed), and I’m hoping to start up my first menswear line shortly after.

Do you have advice to other aspiring designers? Possibly advice that you wished somebody had given you?
Honestly, just manage your time well, and make yourself a separate budget for sewing supplies. Time and money seem to just disappear.

If you were invited to show your first collection on a New York runway tomorrow, what music would you choose?
Tool. No contest. They’re the best “do everything to” music…

If you had to choose a different life path (besides fashion design), what other career do you think you might pursue?
A writer…that’s what I wanted to do when I was a kid, but I was better a fashion design.

Are there any awful fashion trends or common fashion faux pas that drive you nuts
Dear God, if I have to see one more pair of black leggings worn with brown boots I will cry. Black and brown make me frown.


Audra Phillips
Audra submitted two fully sewn pieces for this contest- her female piece came in fourth place. Awards were given at a special reception in PASSIONAL Boutique

Corsets, Fashion, Passion.