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PASSIONAL Recommended Halloween Events 2018

We are nearing the end of October and you know what that means: time to bust out the costumes for Halloween! Passional Boutique would be delighted to not only aid in helping you look your very best, but also to ensure that you stand out this Halloween and more to come! After your costume is decided, it’s time to step out for a night on the town. Honestly, what would this spooky holiday be without a few places to boogie down and share spirits…and perhaps see some…with your costumed companions?

Of course, any excuse to dress up during our outside of Halloween season is worth exploring from the perfectly fun seasonal  all ages Halloween recommendations for all ages from  The Philly Voice – But we have created a PASSIONAL list of parties close to our home for young and old adult fashion thrill seekers:

Philadelphias Dark Arts Festival
Featuring workshops by PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium alumni educators and entertainers, we would be remiss to not mention this festival of shadows, spirits and sensuality.

The folks who created and hosted the infamous Cut N’ Paste Halloween Balls of Queer Philly Fame have rallied to invent an overload of costumed queer creativity for this year’s HallowQueens Ball. Read some background HERE but get your TICKETS HERE



Philadelphia’s longest running Halloween tradition returns for it’s 50th Anniversary when local theatrical icon and jeweler Henri David of Halloween is celebrating his 50th drag-alicious, dramatic costume party with prizes (gift certificates and grand trophies) for Most Hysterical, Best Comic Book Character, Most Horrifying. Best Sensual Fantasy, Most Original Couple, Best Celebrity Lookalike, Most Beautiful Female Impersonator, Most Believable Female Impersonator, and Most Unbelievably Spectacular! Held at the Sheraton at 16th and Race streets, ticket prices  at the door or the jewelry store (cash only) at $25 for those in costume or $75 for voyeurs the costumes are the focus and they are indeed some of the most creative in the area each and every year.


Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Friday 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




Dracula’s Ball


Goths and industrial music lovers converge on Trocadero for Clan of Xymox, Ego Likeness and Curse Mackey perform at Dracula’s Ball on October 31st, 2018. Our DJs are Amelia Arsenic (formerly of Angelspit) and Danny Red. Tickets are on sale now. This event will sell out; get your tickets as soon as you’re able to.

Dracula’s Ball is all ages to enter, but you must be 21+ with proper ID to enter alcohol service areas. Note that some ticketing sites may indicate the event is “18+” but **it is an all ages party**. The Trocadero Theatre is located at 1003 Arch Street. Doors open at 8pm (1 hour early!) and the event ends at 2am.

Scheduled performance times for bands (Doors open 8pm)
8:50pm Curse Mackey
10:00pm Ego Likeness
11:20pm Clan of Xymox

Tickets are available in person through The Trocadero and Digital Underground (215-925-9259) as well as online through Ticketfly and IsoTank.com

As with last year, we will be *limiting* the number of tickets available to approximately 2/3 of the Trocadero’s normal “sold out” ticket number, so that you’ll have extra space to dance and stroll around. It will be pleasantly crowded, but not uncomfortable.

As this is our Halloween event, costumes are strongly encouraged (although not mandatory). Please use common sense with prop weapons – anything that might pose an actual danger to another patron, including non-functional but realistic-looking replica firearms, may not be permitted by venue security. We’ll have plenty of candy on hand, jack-o-lanterns, decorations, and everything you need to have a stellar Halloween.

Bring your personal photo camera if you like (no video cameras allowed, and no huge pro cameras allowed without advance permission.)

Dracula’s Ball is a Dancing Ferret Concerts event.

See you on Wednesday the 31st!



PEX (The Philadelphia Experiment) 13th Annual Halloween Ball: “A Wrinkle in Time”


On this day November the Second, Two-Thousand and Eighteen:  Some 70 odd years after the end of the War, The Philadelphia Experiment Community gathers on Hallowed ground.

The Battleship New Jersey doesn’t just represent the hopes and prayers of one State, or even OneCountry.

Her survival represented the Future and Freedom of Humankind.

On the WW2 Battleship itself, heroes fell and flags were raised, cries of valor and victory only hoped to weather the storm.

A place where in the end, sailors rejoiced at the possibility of being reunited with family, friends and lovers.

As she sailed back into the safe harbor, crowds of non-combatants gathered along the battered wharf to greet the USS NJ, hoping and longing for a glimpse of a familiar face and the sense of relief that comes with the realization of a day that might never have come.

Truman announced to the crowds gathered:

“This is the day when Fascism finally dies, as we always knew it would.”

Life magazine stated it was “as if joy had been rationed and saved up for three years, eight months and seven days.”

Celebrations were simultaneously held across the world, from New York’s Time Square to Sydney inAustralia.

So come join the PEX community as we gather once again aboard the Vessel that has served us all so well.

Join us to celebrate the joy of victory realized, of reunification with family and lovers, and step through the wrinkle in time with us.

We will see you there… somewhere….around November 2nd 1945.

And so it is:

PEX H a l l o w e e n B a l l  #13 :: A Wrinkle in Time

Friday November 2, 2018
aboard the Battleship New Jersey

9pm – 3am

For a full lineup of acts and FAQs visit: http://www.thephiladelphiaexperiment.org